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Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting back in the reading saddle

Seems like I haven't read much since I came back from New Orleans. I haven't actually read much since I left for New York. A bunch of yaoi, but I haven't really kept track of it.

I've been kind of blah on the posting front. Okay, on all fronts. Just kind of recovering I guess from two back-to-back trips. I was in theory going to Toronto this week for three days, but to be honest, if I was my boss I would have said it wasn't worth the money. I just couldn't justify spending it. We are going to Montreal the week after so that will be plenty for a while. I get to drive with my supervisor for 2.5 hours there and back. I like him, but I can't very well just ignore him and curl up with an m/m book. So I have a bunch of stuff I HAVE to take care of next week which I didn't do this week.

I am also getting more involved in my union now that I'm on the executive. We spent 5 hours on Saturday deciding what are priorities are for the year, beyond contract negotiation since our current on is expired. Our current employer is rather anti-union at the moment so ... but we are a small union so don't have much power. It will be interesting to see how it plays out and part of the reason I joined.

That's my life. Seeing my child get a full-blown social life. Hanging out, kind of blobbling. I did get some stuff read so not all bad.

A Prideless Man by Amber Kell (103 pages)

This is book three in the series. Town sheriff and bear shifter Lou finds himself attracted to human James who takes a lot of medication for arthritis. When he accidentally overdoses on his super strong meds, it's discovered that he's actually a shifter and it seems his father who runs an anti-shifter organization has been giving him drugs since he was a child to restrict shifting. Now James has to deal with being a shifter and finding himself mated to Lou and it seems his father's organization is a lot more sinister than he was led to believe. Once he confronts his father they get to the heart of the matter and James is kidnapped by the bad guys to be an experiment. It was what it was. It was kind of interesting that James was physically handicapped by his chronic pain (even if once he figures out he's a shifter he's cured). I'm not sure if I was happy the father was not the bad guy so as not to fit the cliche, or whether I was disappointed because it was rather anti-climactic once they talked. Can't please me huh? This one had a bit more story going for it than the last one so it was an improvement.

Haunted by Your Soul by Marguerite Labbe (380 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

This is a continuation of My Heart is Within You. Kristair died in the firefight in the warehouse, transferring his soul and heart into Jacob. Jacob has not been dealing well, sometimes he feels Kristair's heart beating, he has his memories and knowledge. Meanwhile Kristair is dealing with the collective, sort of a bunch of souls who drift around the universe seeking knowledge forever and ever. However he is spending his time trying to get back to Jacob and finally convinces them to let him go back for two weeks to break his bond. Meanwhile, Jacob's friend Tony who turned into a vamp is back and the syndicate is still after Jacob believing he knows some secret to immortality. They then have to deal with fighting the syndicate and figuring out how to get Kristair back on the human plane. Honestly, toward he end I became more interested in Tony. The collective kills Tony because they believe he'll reveal their secret and he actually seems to be smarter than all of them up there. I wanted him to come back and let's follow his story. LOL In the end, Tony helps Kristair find his way back as a human, the syndicate is defeated by another group of vamps and ... I guess we'll see what happens in book three now that neither Kristair nor Jacob have any paranormal abilities and no longer share a mind meld.


Chris said...

I definitely felt at loose ends and kind of out of sorts all week, so I completely understand!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you'll feel settled soon.

I live in a state where we can't really have unions. Teachers do have a lobbying body that negotiates in Raleigh, but we don't get much of a say in anything. *sigh*

Josephine Myles said...

Hey, some weeks are just like that, and I'm not surprised you're tired after your travels (and all that partying in New Orleans!)

Good to see you back, hon *Hugs*

Leontine said...

I hear ya, Tam! I think I've read 2 books in the last three weeks o.0 I still feel like I'm running behind on the facts and now that I've started my job *sigh* Tomorrow is my day off so I think I'll forego on cleaning house and just read a book ;)

Have a great week!!

Tam said...

It's always hard to go back to real life Chris.

Sometimes unions seem like a pain in the butt, but I know they serve a purpose and we have some very real issues we are trying to fight for, including security for our people overseas, so I think it's worthwhile to get myself more involved and understand what they are doing.

Tam said...

Thanks Jo. It was a great trip and I think I'm finally getting back in the swing of things.

Eh. House cleaning can always wait. :-) It does feel weird to be not reading so much, although I've read quite a bit the last few days, just haven't felt like posting.

Michelle M. said...

I always need a vacation when I get back from a vacation. Good luck with the new contract.

Tam said...

That's it Michelle. I need a week to recover. :-)

Tabitha Levine said...

Interesting read.