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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New York, the end ... of my trip, not the world

Although I see Mr. Psycho Old Guy has claimed that the end of the world is coming on Oct 21 (since May 21 didn't pan out). Yeah right. He had a stroke and is obviously suffering dementia. Shouldn't he be committed to a nursing home or something? Anyway.

Sunday we got our butts out of bed and off to the Wall Street area to meet up with Enrico and David for brunch. And ... sigh ... I got no pictures. They looked the same as last summer. :-) We had a fun brunch, talking about movies and celebs and jobs and moving and all that good stuff. And I had gingerbread pancakes which were yummy.

These were not MY pancakes but they are a pic from the restaurant with the pumpkin butter. Considered some of the best pancakes in New York City. So they say.
We then planned to meet Kris at the Apple Store at the corner of Central Park and check out the boys. It was a HOT day. Whew. As we came out of the subway there was a parade. We THINK it was the Columbus Day parade but we're not sure. It was mostly Latin American groups divided by country. The Bolivians were amazing with the costumes and hundreds of participants and we took some pics of Chile for my Tumblr bud Gefallener Engel who lives in Chile.
Huge Bolivian groups. All the guys had bells on their boots and it sounded very cool.
More crazy Bolivian costumes. It was 29C (very hot), I can only imagine how sweaty they were getting.

The Chilean delegation

The parade was VERY long and slow so after Chile we crossed to the park and walked through Central Park. It was such a gorgeous day and tons of people. We found the open area of the park and sat down for a while to enjoy the scenery. :-D
After some struggles with a subway line that didn't appear to be running, Kristen and I went to H&M to do some shopping and to Macy's to buy her a bag since Delta managed to completely destroy the wheels on her's. Grrrr. On the way back home Kris sent a text that the fire alarm was going off and there was water everywhere. ACK!!! Luckily we were about 5 min. away in a cab. Seems there was a leak in the apartment above us and the water poured through the ceiling and started the smoke detector freaking out. Sigh. So Kris had mostly wiped it up and I went hammering on the neighbor's door. She claimed it wasn't her, she was in the shower. No, it was you. When the shower stopped upstairs, it also stopped in our apartment. So we had the super there and was on the phone with the apartment owner. Sigh. What a nightmare. But at least it stopped and didn't happen again in the night or before we left. Oh and it wasn't our fault. Yay for innocence. :-)  Update: Just got an e-mail from the owner offering me 50% off our last day. I'm good with that.

Kris left early Monday to catch the train to Washington and we left around 10:30 to take the subway to JFK airport. Seriously, how does luggage seem to weigh twice what it did when you arrive and we didn't buy that much stuff? Anyway, it took us about 90 min. to get to JFK, but we made it in time, caught out flight home and despite losing my parking ticket thingy at the Syracuse airport we easily got on the road and headed home. We stopped for some food and the border wasn't too busy yet so made it home by 7:00. Long day though.

We had a great time to be with Kris and see the gang. I'm looking forward to New Orleans this week as well. Crazy busy but lots of fun stuff. I've heard New Orleans has a "smell". So does New York. LOL


Chris said...

I'm here in NOLA and not detecting a "smell"... and I do smell diagnostics for people.

Tam said...

Maybe you need to be closer to the water or Bourbon Str. to smell it. LOL NY only smells when you stand near a subway grate. :-) See you tomorrow night. You guys will all be sleeping when I get there after midnight.

Anonymous said...

I am very jealous of your trip, especially the shirtless hotties in the park. ;) I hope you all have a fabulous time in NOLA!

Tam said...

They were lovely Eyre. We had a fun time. Wish you could be with us in NOLA this weekend.

Chris said...

I can totally believe it about being closer to the water!

Polt said...

Ah, Central Park on a warm autumn day...the scenery alone is worth the price of the train ticket. :)

Thanks for sharing.


Tam said...

Yes, the trees were lovely. ;-)

Chris said...

Getting key at 1 pm. :)