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Monday, October 10, 2011

New York Day 2 and 3

Here are some pics from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Another gorgeous day in the big city so we stopped to have a fresh hot pretzel on the steps of the museum. Yum.

Then since we all have separate interests we kind of split up a bit. My daughter is totally into ancient Egypt and I'm into ancient Greece so the two of us headed off that way while Kris went to explore the Asian art exhibits.

This is a Cycladic statue that I am totally enamoured with. When I saw one in Athens I nearly swooned and was thrilled to see another in New York.

I love these black and red pottery pieces. However, as we were wandering around that exhibit room I overhead this guy leading a tour group. Normal. But then he's starting to use Greek culture and art to make a religious statement. They had a large jar they would fill with alcohol and get drunk and that's immoral and they did these horrible things while under the influence of alcohol. He points to a statue of Heracles and states that the fact that he is carrying a spiked club is a sign of an immoral, violent and dangerous personality. WTF? My kid had to pretty much shove me out of the room before I could go over and ream him one for using ancient Greek culture to somehow "reinforce" his religious views. Sigh. Don't be perverting my ancient Greek culture or face my wrath.

Then we went to the store and when we realized they had a particular Van Gogh painting we quickly ran upstairs to the Impressionist section. It is probably my fave era in painting.

Then we had our dinner with KB and went home.

Saturday, Kris went to see the High Line which is a park built on an abandoned rail line and the kid and I headed down to Times Square, with a billion other people.
Walking was reminiscent (I imagine) of a salmon swimming upstream.

After my kid posed with the girls promoting Priscilla Queen of the Desert, we saw they had tickets for the matinee show so we grabbed tickets, then some lunch on the stairs in the middle of Times Square and hit the show. It was lots of fun with fab costumes and I kept thinking "OMG, Polt would sooooo love this show." ;-) Lots of shirtless mostly pantsless hotties.

We then met up with Kris again, headed down to Whole Foods and picked up some dinner and snacks and waited for the gang to come over. And I have zero pictures. (ducks from Michelle's flying fists of fury) They are on Adam's camera, so soon, I said I want some. Mike, Ty, Adam, Drazen, Chris D and FDot all came by and we laughed and gabbed and mocked musicians on the music channel and ate snacks and probably freaked Kris out. :-) Things got really wild when Drazen and Kristen started doing yoga. Wish some others could have come, but hopefully next time.

Tomorrow I'll post about our last day and the return trip. 


Average Reader said...

Sounds like fun! Great photos. :)

Tam said...

We had such a fun time.

K. Z. Snow said...

Aw, you both look so cute and happy eating your pretzels! But where's the beer? ;-)

It seems even ancient, headless hotties are worried about their hair. That statue seems to be holding a spirit can of spray. Heh.

Are you going to Ground Zero and the 9-11 memorial/museum? I'd LOVE to see that!

Tam said...

The beer was Saturday night. Those pics are coming tomorrow at Cocky & Rude. :-)

It does look like he's spraying something. LOL We were near Ground Zero which is where the Wall Street protest is but apparently you need tickets for the 9/11 museum so we didn't go.

Michelle M. said...

Fun! I love going to museums when I travel. The Met was closed when we were there, but we got to go to the Guggenheim and MOMA. One more reason to go back to NYC. Maybe next time we can coordinate. Or go to an island. Either is good with me. Looks like you had a great time.

As long as someone took pictures, you're off the hook : ).

Tam said...

Mmmm. An island. I'm up for that. Definitely we need to plan again for a big one.

There are pics, they just aren't in my possession ... yet. :-)

Chris said...

Sounds and looks like you had a lot of fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tam said...

We had a great time Chris. Kind of a weird Thanksgiving traveling all day, but hopefully half-priced pie today. :-)

Polt said...

I would *SO* have loved the whole trip! Yeah, Priscilla woulda been cool, but spending a sunny day in NYC with my favorite female Canadians??? That would have topped it ALL!

*SIGH* Oh well, maybe next time.

Glad you guys had so much fun though!


Tam said...

We missed you too. Maybe next year. We seem to show up on a regular basis so you never know.

Chris said...

I am sitting in Janna & Leontine's courtyard in NOLA. They're on a plantation tour. Got your text - I will be calling MT tomorrow as instructed! :)

Tam said...

Glad you made it safe and sound Chris. Let me know once you get in tomorrow and if everything goes okay.