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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Summary

Kind of a lazy weekend. Didn't even leave my house yesterday. Today we did a few errands and I really must continue with that laundry I started in the basement. Lordy I hate laundry. It's been rather gray and rainy today so a nice day to be a bit lazy.

So I went through my manic reading phase for about 2 weeks there I whirled through books like no tomorrow, now I'm in a bit of a depressive state again. I've been diddling around writing a bit, reading a bit, surfing. So I read these a week or more ago. Finally getting to posting.

Cherries on Top by Rowan McAllister (66 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

Craig is the straight bartender at a gay bar. After his awful relationship ends, he decides he wants to try gay sex. He's attracted to Doug, one of his customers whom he knows is moving to Chicago soon, so figures a one time will be no big deal, and Doug has a different guy all the time anyway. Doug is a bit taken aback by the proposal, but decides it can't hurt, everyone's adults right? Craig isn't so sure but has accepted it, however Doug comes back for more. Which is kind of annoying Doug too. He doesn't date, so why is he doing this. Before long they have exchanged e-mails and Doug is making a surprise trip back to Detroit to visit Craig for the weekend. This is just a cute story of a guy with ugly bedding (kind of funny) and someone who is not interested in a relationship (noooooo, not him) who manage to have one despite themselves. Sweet and not too angsty.

 Personal Training by Andrew Gray (112 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

Holton is 42 and decides he needs to lose some weight so joins a gym. He's enamoured with manager Marcus but nothing happens and Holton works very hard to drop a few pounds and change his life. Suddenly Marcus notices him and makes a move, however Holton seems very shy and skittish, not just about Marcus but men in general. Marcus introduces him to some of the other guys (from the other books) hoping he'll ease up. Eventually Holton reveals that he was abducted and raped 20 years ago and he's never been with anyone since. Some discussion about taking what you want and before long he and Holton are getting it on. These books are pretty standard but I do enjoy them. I liked that Marcus admitted that he wouldn't have looked at Holton when he was heavier (not that much, 30 pounds or so), but I couldn't fault him. I think if in a room of total strangers, you are likely going to be attracted to the one that most resembles your idea, as personality doesn't manifest itself in looks. I did wonder though if Holton shouldn't have been in some therapy considering he'd never dealt with the attack. I'm not sure just pulling up your socks and the love of a good man can do the trick. Maybe. Everyone is different I suppose.

Guava Red: Almost Paradise by TC Blue (175 pages)
Torquere Press

Bastian is taking a year off before university, however his plans have changed. When his family found out he was gay they decided to send him to Hawaii to work with the family business, learning the fruit business from the ground up and hoping his cousin (who turned straight) will influence him. However he knows he's gay and eventually meets Chance at a party and they start dating. He wants to have sex but Chance doesn't want to be the first, however he finally gives in and when they forget to use a condom, Bastian freaks, then leaves the islands the next day when his father falls ill without getting Chance's details. Many years later, Sebastian (he uses that now) is trying to expand the family business in the east and is attending a dinner with someone who could be an investor. (Riley's uncle and they are celebrating Riley's birthday) at a fancy hotel in Rhode Island. Where it so happens Chance is the chef. He kind of freaks but they get together and things are great. However Bastian lives in Boston. There is some conflict with the long distance and Bastian being ready to REALLY be committed. Chance had a nice female friend, who wasn't too annoying although she was all upset because he was going to move. I've never had a friend I cared about enough to be upset that they would choose love over me. To me that's weird. But maybe I just don't have any close friends who live where I do. Still a cute story and you get to see Riley and Kelly. I'm still not liking the uncle's BF, TC is going to have to sell me on that one if it comes up.


Chris said...

I liked Cherries on Top, too.

Ugh, the "emotional trauma made all better by the love of a good man" trope is one I really hate... more each time I read it.

Yeah, I can't imagine how TC's going to redeem the uncle's boyfriend... I really don't want her to! I want him to get someone better than that guy.

Tam said...

Yeah, it can be an issue. It had been 20 years so in some ways maybe time had healed most of it, but I like it when they at least say they are going to see a therapist. You just know it's going to come up.

I have to agree with you, but the uncle had insinuated he'd done something and deserved to be treated that way, but to treat everyone around you that way too? Eh.

Average Reader said...

I haven't read any of these! I need to go shopping!

Tam said...

Cherries on Top was from the DSP daily doe in June Val. The others are fairly new. I'm falling into that bad habit of reading the shiny new when I have a TBR full of older books I'm sure are great.

Jenre said...

I'm not sure how TC is going to redeem Dex either, or if I really want her to. Peter deserves a nice bloke, not that acid bitch of a man.

Really liked Guava Red too. I'm reviewing on Friday :).

Tam said...

Excellent description Jen. LOL I'll look forward to your review. I saw you on the "coming this week" list.