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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Summary ... again

I'm so uncreative with my titles. I've slowed down a bit on the reading, but not too bad. They were saying no rain for us from Irene, now they are saying 40% chance tomorrow at 4:00. I just hope it holds off as our Pride parade is tomorrow at 1:00 and there is nothing more pitiful than a soggy parade. The kid and I are meeting a friend downtown to see how it is this year. Hopefully I'll get a post up Monday or so.

Hope everyone in the main hurricane path stays safe and dry.

 After the Sunset by Mary Calmes (168 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

This is a follow-up book to Timing. Stefan and Rand have been living together for a couple of years and Stefan has FINALLY committed fully to their relationship by taking a job at a local college and giving up his apartment in the city making Rand happy. However after a bit of a run-in with Rand's family on his dad father's side, it's up to Stefan to attend a local rodeo while Rand is out of town or lose some of their land Rand's uncle has been trying to get from him. These stories have a bit of a soap opera quality to them which is part of the fun. Stefan wasn't quite so perfect in this one, however at the rodeo he does manage to charm most everyone around him and of course their business is thriving and they are basically rich. The conflict with Rand's family was worthy of any good afternoon soap, but it was still a fun read. When Stefan found out he HAD to participate in one of the rodeo events and the only one left was saddle bronc, his city-boy thought process before and during his ride had me chuckling out loud. Having just attended a rodeo this summer it struck me as quite amusing. The smexin' is hot and if you can just go with the fun slightly OTT aspect of this it's a fun read.

Sometimes It's Fate by Angela S. Stone (390 pages)

Chris recommended this one. It's two mounties in New Brunswick. David is 34, divorced with three small children and best friends with his partner Jason. One day he inadvertently finds out Jason is gay. Jason has hidden it for obvious reasons. Suddenly David clues in to his attraction to Jason and they start an affair. Things are going well until Jason's fuck-buddy shows up HIV positive and he and Jason didn't use condoms. However this was not the kind of drama where David freaks out, he's there for Jason 100%, doesn't care and gradually they start to come out to people, although it seems everyone already knew they were together or should have been, including David's ex. So while she had issues, him being with Jason wasn't one of them. So there were some nice twists, no evil homophobic ex, not gay bashings, but there were also stories that showed it wasn't gaytopia in general. I quite enjoyed the fact that they were best friends and how they interacted and were there for each other 100%. The sex was hot and sometimes funny as Jason initiated David into gay sex, although both men appeared to be well over averagely endowed. *slight eyeroll* LOL Still, I quite enjoyed it. There is one thing that Jason volunteers for at work that I can see being a major hurdle for them as a couple, but nothing was mentioned of it, so I'm wondering if there is meant to be a sequel, since if I was living with someone and they volunteered for that without even discussing it I'd be pissed.

Out of Focus by LA Witt (227 pages)

Dante and Ryan (Angel) are photographers who work together and are lovers. However they are both doms so from time to time they take on a sub to meet their needs. They see Jordan, the brother of the bride at a wedding they are working at and are both attracted. When Jordan asks them to shoot his horses they feel him out and eventually make a move. The think is Jordan has been interested in BDSM for a couple of years but has never tried it and he still lives with his ex-BF which is rather awkward. However he's wanted to try and they give it a whirl.  No strings, just fun, which soon turns into everyone feeling awkward when they realize they love each other. Then comes the ugly part where they figure out what to do. Jordan feels like he'll always be expendable because the guys have been together for 12 years and Angel feels that Jordan can give Dante something he can't as he never bottoms and basically it's a bit ugly mess of feelings. Which I appreciated. Too often triads seem to just happen and everyone falls in love and no one worries they'll be left aside or what could happen down the road. I appreciated the insecurities which I think are far more realistic. It's kinky hot and I really liked all three guys, I will say for some reason I had trouble distinguishing between Dante and Angel when it was there POV. Maybe because they were both similar guys, workaholic photographer older well-traveled doms, that they were often doing the same things while "talking". I sometimes had to double check who was speaking because I would get confused. No clue why because physically they were different but their head-space seemed similar, whereas Jordan was very different. I enjoyed it greatly though and for fans of m/m/m I think it's an excellent example.


Chris said...

Yeah, I'd almost forgotten about Jason volunteering, since it didn't go anywhere. I would be pissed, too!! I'm glad you enjoyed it and that the editorial issues didn't bother you too much. :)

Tam said...

I kept waiting for it to rear it's head, but as I said, maybe that's to come. I did notice a few places with editing issues, but I've read way worse so it didn't bother me much.

I just read something from TQ where they were in a bar having a drink and suddenly the guy jumped up and crossed the the bed. Ummm. What kind of bar has a bed in it? LOL In a fancy hotel no less. Obviously the scene had started in the hotel room, then switched the bar, but that paragraph didn't change. I don't see mistakes like that too often in TQ books.

Chris said...

LOL about the bar bed!

I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for more books from Angela S. Stone, though. Very promising start.

Leontine said...

I just need to more!! *utters a frustrated sigh* I have Out Of Focus on my iPad for weeks now but haven't gotten around to reading it! I heard more peeps about the distinguishing of POV's wasn't easy, but the premise for me is chocolate during PMS. So reading it ASAP :)

Leontine said...

I just need to READ more!! My mind went faster than my fingers...before you think I'm going jigsaw puzzle on you ;)

Tam said...

It rally is a good book Leontine. The points of view didn't really bother me, but it was enough that every now and then I realized I'd forgotten which one of them was speaking. Still worth reading.

Josephine Myles said...

I have Out of Focus and have been looking forward to it - glad you can recommend it, Tam :)

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