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Friday, February 18, 2011

10 points of Friday randomocity

I thought I'd just throw out some randomocity and you can toss it back.

1) I saw a girl in the bathroom fixing her hair today and thought "I've never seen you on our floor before" then realized it was our co-op student without her hijab on. She really looked different and had gorgeous hair.

2) Speaking of the co-op student, please please please hem your pants. Nothing makes me crazier than people who have 6-8 inches of pant dragging underneath their shoes. Argghh. Except today she's wearing socks only? WTF? Put on some shoes.

3) I find it weird when authors I know by one name or initials start replying to e-mails using their real names or a shortened version. I know you as XY and calling you Lisa is just weird. LOL Shouldn't be, that's your name, but it always kind of freaks me out. I'm sure I'll adjust. Ignore me.

4) Speaking of names, when authors use initials I get so confused as to when to use periods between them. And if I'm searching on a website some will use the periods and some don't. If you put XY Zed and they have it in the data base as X.Y. Zed, then it tells you none exist. There should be a universal protocol on periods after initials. Just to make my life easier.

5) When watching House Hunters or such home buying shows, everyone always says "Oh this would be great for entertaining." Am I the only person who NEVER entertains nor has any desire to do so? I'm a reclusive curmudgeon I know.

6) Why does my cat only want to lay cuddled up beside me after the alarm goes off? All night I'm ignored, then when it's time to get up she goes on the side of the bed I get out of and cuddles up against me. It's not like she even likes me that much so wouldn't care if I stayed home I'm sure.

7) Why do I allow myself (or my kid) to watch Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC? Last night I literally lost my breath when the mother informed us that her 2 year old needed to learn about make-up because she wanted her to get married and have kids (hey, maybe she's gay, but before I could get that out) and she needs to know how to wear make-up because a man has "needs" and her husband will have "needs" and she has to keep herself up for him. I started gagging which caught my daughter's attention so that I could screech in outrage that the women's movement was obviously dead in the South and I wanted to call Child Welfare Services on the poor tot who at 2 is wearing false eye lashes to please her man.

8) My diet efforts have totally stalled out. Not being forced to reveal this publicly on the internet was obviously a factor. Ugh. Okay, I haven't gained but .... Bacon? Who has bacon? Ice-cream anyone? Pizza?

9) Why can't people just put their freaking vacation time on the form like they have been asked REPEATEDLY? Are those 3.5 minutes REALLY so valuable you can't put a V or B on the damn spread sheet? Why won't anyone listen to me? Do I work in an institute for the deaf? Sigh.

10) I'm considering finding some black electrical tape soI can handcuff and gag Pokey while Gumby administers discipline to the amusement of Pebble Chick and Penny Pig.

Share something random with me today.


KT Grant said...

OMG that picture of the cat on the face is too funny!

My kitties now have a habit of going on my dresser and knocking everything off.

Jenre said...

Lol, Tam! Some very interesting questions here :).

The whole use of full stops between initials baffles me a bit. I'm a lazy arse and can't be bothered to put them in so when I write reviews I just have the initials with out the full stops, but I think the correct was is with the full stops.

My cats are banned from the bedroom during the night for now cos they play-fight on the bed and either prevent me and hub going to sleep or wake up up in the middle of the night. When hub gets up in the morning he lets them back in the room where they both proceed to 'love me' by purring loudly and kneading me with their sharp claws. I'm supposed to get an extra half hour in bed after hub gets up but that's all out of the window now. grrrr!

My diet is not going well either. I've lost focus and need a nice holiday to look forward to that will give me a reason to diet again.

You should so get the electical tape and do that :).

Something random? My kitties have terribly smelly farts and I was wondering whether this is something they will grow out of. My other cats never used to fart.

Jenre said...

BTW, that cat is totally Simon's Cat.

Tam said...

Cats do have a way of getting your attention KB. :-)

It could be the food you are feeding them Jen. Maybe try a different brand of kitten food and it will agree with them more. And that kneading thing drives me crazy. Our cats don't do it often but, ouch, stop it.

Oh and Gumby and Pokey are at my work computer so I'm not sure. LOL I suppose I could just use a marker to make regular tape black. :-)

Patti (@TheLoveJunkee) said...

Great post - all very valid questions, lol.

I'm a hermit too but hubs likes to entertain, occasionally I'll make other plans to avoid it (horrible, I know)

And that T&T thing - horrible! I don't see how people can still think like that today!

Tam said...

I'm afraid I'd be like you Patti. I'm just too much of an introvert to enjoy it. Luckily living alone I can cultivate that hermit persona. :-)

I was just shocked on T&T because it was SO blatant. Usually the mothers aren't great but to say a man has "needs" and her daughter's job was to tart herself up everyday (not be smart, kind, helpful, a great person) shocked me. Although it shouldn't, I should know better. LOL

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

My male cat made me chase him around the house today and I actually had to use a broom to get him out from behind the freezer *sigh*.

Bacon is very very good... :D

Tam said...

Well, I've used a broom to get my bunny out from under the bed. LOL Multi-purpose those things.

Now I'm hungry. :-) Going out for lunch with the kid today though so I'll try and be good.

Chris said...

Jen: Definitely try different food! When May was a kitten, I tried several different foods before I ended up with a grain-free food that didn't lead to stinky farting. Heck, now I can't even tell when she uses the litterbox... unlike Chaos. Evacuate! Evacuate! Chaos is in the box and the condo's about to become uninhabitable!


Jenre said...

I was going to change their diet but hub bought 3 huge bags of the same kitten food because it was on special offer. I'll have to wait until we're through that now.

We have the same litter tray problem with George. I need to set up a siren system to put on the gas masks when he goes in it. Hmmmmm. maybe it's a boy cat thing.

Tam said...

LOL Your cats are so embarrassed that you're discussing their litterbox habits. Our litter box is in the basement so I can't tell, although I think I need the pink bag of food because Vanessa has taking to eating, walking 10 feet and puking it up, only to re-eat it. *gag*

Chris said...

Heh, sometimes Chaos eats too fast and then pukes. He's not keen on eating it, but May will follow him around after he eats, hoping he'll magically produce warm food.....


Stephani Hecht said...

I nearly choked on my coffee when I saw the picture of Gumby. I've been wondering what he's been up to lately and now I know!

Tam said...

Gumby is a kinky bastard. ;-)

Average Reader said...

Love the photo of the cat draped over the face!

I totally hear you on #3 and #4. I tend to imprint on names and it's almost impossible for me to remember a new one once I've already associated one with a person.

And initials! It makes me crazy trying to search for author names on Google, aRe, or publisher websites. With periods? With spaces? There SHOULD be a universal protocol, and it should be initials written together with no spaces and no periods. Just my two cents. :)

wren boudreau said...

Sorry I'm late to the party. And what a party this is - what do you mean you don't entertain? :D

"Randomocity" - weren't you the one complaining about people (authors) making up words? Hmm?

My son has the exact same issue with one of his cats, getting all cuddly just when it's time to get up. And when they come to visit - the stinky factor in our house multiplies by 10!

Are you sure Gumby's administering discipline? Coz it looks a little like something else to me.

Tam said...

He looks rather comfy doesn't he Val? LOL

OMG, I never thought of spaces between the initials. Ack! You should pass a law on the internet. Everyone must follow your protocol. :-)

Tam said...

No, no, I'm all about made-up gibberish words. And at least I don't have to clean up if I host a party here.

As for Gumby, well everyone knows what happens after a good spanking. ;-) If you're made out of plastecine, can you be charged with bestiality?

Kris said...

Boy cats are disgusting beasts.

Random - Just outside watering and spraying water at the glass where Feliks is watching me... as you do... and the dumb arse starts washing himself because he thinks he is wet. Weirdo.

Tam said...

Boys in general Kris. :-) That's why we adore them so. Too funny about the window. I find cats are not very good at putting two and two together.

Lily said...

Totally agree with you on 4 $ 5. I match the cover although at GRs I know it always takes periods. And I'm never happier than when I'm home.

Random... the older I get the more of a lightweight I become. One big Margarita and I'm buzzed. Happy Friday! ;)

Tam said...

LOL Enjoy your Friday night Lily. Sounds like more fun than mine. :-)

K. Z. Snow said...

What's a hijab?

Argh, initials! They wreak havoc with book listings. The inconsistent presence or absence of periods and spaces can result in an author's backlist being all chopped the hell up. (I'm lookin' at you, ARe. Please standardize my name as I've twice asked you to!)

That freaky "peewee princess" show creeps me right out. Hard to believe those parents aren't alien transplants. Of course, the people on many reality shows strike me that way.

Hey, all you cat people, you ain't smelled nothin' 'til you've smelled what comes out of a dog who's eaten split pea soup. The odor will dissolve the lining of your brain. I actually have to wear a shower cap inside my skull. No joke.

Tam said...

A hijab is that thing the chick is wearing in the picture. The Muslim headscarf. Not always black though although our student always wears black.

Yeah, I hadn't even thought of spaces. I'm probably as schizophrenic as the next person, sometimes I'll search with dots, and sometimes not. I noticed today in my other review I consistently seemed to switch between colour and color. So I'm not really one to talk about language consistency.

Ew. No split pea soup in my house. That sounds brutal.

Michelle M. said...

2) Me too!
3) Yes - for example,I will never be able to call Polt, Chris.
5) It sounds great in theory, but is a pain in the butt. We've been in this house over a year and haven't had anyone over yet. And I'm in no hurry to do so.
7) I don't know why I watch either. I should not know what a flipper of "pro-am"ing is.
8) I have been working so hard on my diet - working out and eating right - and have only lost two pounds. Boo! I broke down and ate chocolate ice cream and a ton of pistachios last night.
10) Ha! That pig is cute. I have rock named "jungle rock". It's not as cute as chicken rock. I'll have to take a pic and send it to you.

Tam said...

I'm schizophrenic with Polt, Kristen knows him as Chris and I tend to call him both, often at the same time. LOL

Oh yeah flippers. How weird is that.

Kristen made me that chicken a few years ago. I think he's supposed to be a warm fuzzy. You touch him and get a warm fuzzy knowing someone made him for you. I'd love to see your jungle rock.

Polt said...

#2. do you have issues calling me Chris, or do you just ALWAYS call me Polt? :)

#5. I've had friends over, but I've never really had a party. Only once in 12 years in teh apartment did I have a party and that was a New Year's one. And I had about ten people there. Yeah, 'entertaining', not muy thing either.

#6. Um, Tam, it's a freakin' CAT! They're all like that. Devious, evil, spawns of Satan, every last one.

#7. I don't the women's movement was ever ALIVE in the South. I mean, it's the South after all.

#8. I'm amazed I'm still IN the weight loss contest....although after this week, I'm very likely not to be.

#10. Awesome pic! :)


Polt said...

Oh, and seeif I had bothered to read the other comments FIRST, I'd already have my answer to one of my questions. :)


Tam said...

Yah, on-line I call you Polt, in person Chris. :-) Regarding #7., I know, I know. I mean the fact that a woman is putting her toddler in a "beauty" pageant to start with pretty much means they have a whole different belief system than I do and yet I remain shocked. Sigh.

adam said...

2. I always like when my jeans are too long and they slip under my shoes.

6. Cats are evil.

7. I think 2 year olds are hotter when they get all dolled up. Grrrrrrowl!

8. YOU SHOULD STILL BE DIETING! BC&RL2 Continues after you're eliminated! You gotta tell us your % again in April!

Tam said...

Yeah yeah. I'm going to get back in the diet saddle. I swear. I will. Mush is kicking everyone's ass anyway. I need to get the flu, someone come on breathe on me already.

2 year olds who look 47 look creepy. There could be a whole horror movie like Children of the Corn but with more glitter and false eye lashes.

Adam said...

your Pokey getting poked photo reminds me of one of my photos.

Tam said...

LOL So glad I'm not alone in my perversions and Bondage Bert made me laugh out loud.