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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hump Day

Kind of an average week here. Our biggest issue appears to be that my daughter needs finger waves in her hair (and a fake bob) for the school musical. Ack. So she's been watching videos on how to do this and we need a certain size of hair curlers which we can't find. Arrghh. Plus she has the straightest hair on the planet that does not take a curl. I've asked if I'm going to have to take 3 half-days off work to do hair. LOL We'll have to practice, practice, practice, and enlarge the hole in the ozone layer using cans of hair spray, buckets of gel and mousse.

Read a few things this past weekend.

Sugar Milk by Jaryuu Dokuro

I found this description on-line and it's pretty accurate. A series of mostly shounen-ai one-shots, with two stories and a special focusing on childhood friends Sho and Taichi. Taichi always thought they would stay together forever, until Sho decides to up and move away without telling him about it. They run into each other again when Taichi's in university and they end up working at the same diner. This time, Taichi is determined to make it work out. Even if Sho's bisexual. Moral of the story: alcohol can only make things better. I actually found this rather boring, well, I didn't mind the Sho/Taichi story but I found myself just wanting it to be over. Plus this is not the manga style that I generally enjoy. And there was hardly any sex. Hey, if it's going to be a boring story at least make it hot.

The Best Revenge by Andrew Grey (202 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

This is one of the Bottled Up books. Tyler is an antiques dealer who meets Mark when he buys some of Mark's mother's furniture. However when they are seen out on a date, Mark's mother kicks him out and he's beaten by his bully brother. He moves in with Tyler and someone starts sending threatening letters and they have to deal with the brother (and supportive sister) when Mark's mother dies and he's left as the executor of the estate. I liked both Tyler and Mark although I thought Mark cried quite a bit. Sometimes it was warranted and sometimes I thought it seemed a bit much and these guys were like bunnies. Holy sex machines. I actually skimmed a bit because it was a bit too much for me, but that might not be for everyone. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood. This is set before many of the other characters in the series so there wasn't much character overlap.

I thought I had one more for here but it was a short so will be on BE eventually. Hope everyone has a good week.


Lily said...

I liked The Best Revenge although you're right... he was a bit of a cry-baby at times. :)

Tam said...

LOL Yeah Lily. I didn't dislike the story, I just maybe wasn't in the mood for quite so much smexin'.

Average Reader said...

Your kid is going to be in a musical? How very cool! Those fake bobs look pretty easy to do, especially if she also wears a 1920s style scarf. I think it involves pulling long hair up into a ponytail and then curling the ends and pinning them forward ... I got intrigued and did a search. There are a ton of videos and how-tos on the internet on how to do it!

Average Reader said...

Plus, your kid couldn't possibly have THE straightest hair on the planet -- that would be me, ha, ha!

Tam said...

She's just in the chorus Val (and woke up with a cramp in her calf this morning so dance practice this afternoon should be fun), but she's having a good time.

You'd be surprised about her hair. I paid money to have her hair done for her Grade 8 graduation (don't get me started LOL), but within 4 hours the curl was pretty much gone. The style she wanted couldn't be done because the hair just would not curl and stay curled. She HATES it, but she comes by it naturally. :-)

Her teacher/director has been giving them videos of the look she wants so she's been studying them. I'm still leaning toward chopping her hair off. :-)

Average Reader said...

I'm still leaning toward chopping her hair off. :-)

Ha, ha! I can understand that. It would certainly be efficient. :) She definitely sounds like she has hair like mine. Mine is straight, thick (lots of hair shafts) and medium textured (not fine, but not coarse).

It's true that hair like this doesn't take a curl without (argg) chemicals, but it's great for reflecting light off a the straight hair shafts so it always looks super shiny!

Chris said...

You'll have to share photos of the hair drama!

Hmm. On the fence about the last book... :)

Tam said...

Oh there's be drama. I'm sure an audio update would be more amusing. LOL If you're in the mood for sweetness and smexin' it's a good choice, just be in the mood.

Anonymous said...

School musical? Yay, kidlet!

It takes three different styling products, a hair dryer, a hairbrush dryer, and a flat iron to get semi-straight and maybe stay that way. I'd giver her some of my curl if I could.