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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Shorts

So I've read a few shorts but haven't seemed able to focus lately on anything long. I'll get back in the groove I'm sure, I seem to be in a slump. Ugh.

Cross the Mountain by PD Singer (27 pages)
Torquere Books

This is a short follow-up to Fall Down the Mountain. Allan is completely healed from his injuries and he and Mark have been spending more time together. Mark has convinced him to try cross country skiing. Allan is not thrilled with the idea but goes along with it. He finds it harder than he expected and when he gets back to the apartment later he can barely move. This results in a great massage and ... Well, you know. :-) It was cute to get Allan's perspective and see how Mark had eased up on the mother-henning.

Making it Even by Dallas Coleman (20 pages)
Torquere Books

Ben and Joe run a B&B and own a restaurant somewhere in the Katrina zone. Joe in a stupid moment let some kid at the restaurant give him a bj, before he could confess the kid squealed to Ben. They have been in couples therapy for a bit and Joe has been doing penance by putting in new carpet, fixing up the yard, working hard. Finally he confronts Ben and asks when they are going to have sex. I find the two other stories I've read by this author are very unusual. This wasn't quite so out there, but there were little things thrown at you, like it seems Ben had been sleeping with the kid for weeks, so I was kind of like, who are you to punish your man then? There were other little statements thrown in that you didn't really know where it came from and were like "Wha? What did you just say? Wait a minute." But the story doesn't wait a minute. So I found it a bit like being on the outside and wanting to stop them and ask questions but you can't. An interesting feeling, a bit off-kilter.

I got the following books from the GLBT Bookshelf rummage sale as advertised by the ever enabling Chris. Things are quite cheap so check it out. There are full length novels as well as shorts.

Almost Home by Nicole Gordon (21 pages)

Gabe and Travis have been friends for years and Gabe helped Travis drown his sorrows over his asshole father over the years. Finally his Dad dies in prison and it's their last "celebration". Gabe is bi and Travis is straight, but they end up in bed (just friends) but wake up plastered together and Gabe ends up giving Travis a hand job. Then they vaguely talk about it and Gabe thinks about Travis hooking up with some girl and ... That's kind of it. He doesn't seem to be in love with Travis, there's no hint that Travis is going to go gay. It was kind of a "huh?" ending. Now what? Maybe there's more books where Gabe gets his HEA. I can only hope.

The Game in Spain by Lydia Nyx (19 pages)

Gabriel is a gymnastics coach who ends up in Spain during Carnival on the trail of his gymnast Alejandro. Seems he left a note saying whoever can catch him, Gabriel or Sebastian, Alejandro's ex, will get him. So there is a contest between the two men to end up with the gymnast. They both arrive at the same time and decide to teach Alejandro a lesson about teasing and leading on two men. But maybe things are not quite for Gabriel thinks. The descriptions of Spain during Carnival were very vivid and the smexing between the three was pretty steamy. I enjoyed it.

A Case of Mistaken Identity by Nicole Gordon (14 pages)

Matt heads to the club hoping to hell he doesn't find his actor boyfriend cheating on him. He sees him having sex with someone else and basically attacks him but is ignored. Then ... oh god, it's his BF's body double Christian. Ooops. As he's apologising and drooling over Christian's BF Jeremiah, he hears his BF having sex, so he WAS cheating. Suddenly Christian offers to let him give Jeremiah a bj. Umm. Okay. So he goes for it. There seems to be a D/s thing going on with Christian and Jeremiah and they invite Matt to come home with them after. HFTonight or lead to more? Not sure. It only takes place over an hour or so, probably less. LOL Not sure how great their stamina was, but I enjoyed it for what it was.

I'm off to pick up my daughter from camp (had to leave at 5:30 this morning. Ugh. Not right for a Saturday) and she's at a horse show all day so I won't be home until closer to dinner, so I'm not ignoring y'all. :-)


Chris said...

Helpful! Not enabling! Hey, did you see that there's a 20% off sale all weekend at DSP, plus 15% off at TQ with this code: anniv2010?

Hope you're having a good day at the horse show, even with all the driving involved!

Lily said...

I haven't read any of these although I do have the first of the Mountain books in my TBR.

Hope you enjoy your day even with the getting up early and driving around. :)

Tam said...

Huh. I seem to be able to get wireless here.

It's about 60F and super windy and blowing the jumps down. There was rain this morning, looks like there may be more. Kids falling off horses all over the place including mine, which I got on video. LOL I'm in the car now reading until it's Kristen's turn again. I should have worn a parka. Crazy weather from too hot too cold overnight. We'll likely be here until close to 5:00 since she's in the last categories of Western. Oh well.

Thanks for the info about the DSP sale Chris. I wanted to get a couple from them so may as well get them on sale.

The Mountain books are really good Lily, I'm sure you'll enjoy them when you get the chance.

Chris said...

Woot! for video. :D

You're welcome - I picked up the DSP stuff that I had on my wishlist.

My friend Jeanne went to the State Fair yesterday, including going to A Prairie Home Companion at the Grandstand yesterday. A long day, all outside. Here was her comment when she got home around 11:30 last night: "So, Sept 3rd, 2010: In order to stay warm, outside, at night - wool socks, tee shirt, heavy sweat shirt (with hood up, and cinched closed), rain jacket/wind breaker, fleece jacket, mittens. And it wasn't enough."

Jenre said...

Blogger ate my comment :(.

I really liked Crossing the Mountain too. Hub once took me on a long bike ride and I was just like Allen afterwards, lol!

Out of the others I like the idea of the Spanish set one to most so I think I'll pop over to the rummage sale and have a rummage :).

Tam said...

We had a real downpour last night which I guess was the cold weather moving in. The wind here is wild and it looks like rain clouds. Not pouring rain but icky.

I hope you got the full treatment after that Allan got Jen, at least the massage part. LOL Of those ones I read the Spanish one had the most character and flavour to it. Not that I've ever been to Spain for Carnival but it sounded like quite the event.

Jenre said...

Oh heck. I've just been and spent a fortune at that rummage sale and a TQ. I'm blaming you, missus!

It's far too easy to spend money when you get get stuff by clicking a mouse and putting in your paypal password :).

Tam said...

No no no, it's Chris' fault. I merely spread the word. It is too easy. Some of the longer books I'd already read but they had some really good prices on them.

Chris said...

*best innocent look*

Janna said...

You and Chris are quite the enablers, lol! Now I also HAVE to take a look at the DSP and Torquere sites after already spending lots of money yesterday *sigh* :)

Tam said...

We do our best to spread the love Janna (or the pain to the pocketbook). :-) Happy shopping.

Tracy said...

That Chris is SUCH an enabler! lol And don't let her tell you otherwise. :)

Tam said...

I know Tracy, I know. But I love her anyway. :-)

Chris said...

Aw, you guys.

Chris said...

Argh, I see what you mean about Almost Home - I liked it, but why the hell did it just stop!?

Tam said...

Yeah, I found it kind of ... I don't know, it's like there was so much more (maybe more is coming?) but it wasn't even a HFN nor was it just a little piece of erotica that was supposed to end with the orgasm. It seemed to beg for more. Oh well.

Chris said...

Me being, well, me, I wandered over to the author's blog to ask about it. Stay tuned!

Tam said...

I'm too lazy. You're a good reader.

Chris said...

Tam: Nicole Gordon responded!