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Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday

Yay, the weekend. I finally got my project approval at work yesterday so that's a load off my mind, got another HUGE task finished, (I hope it doesn't come back with changes) so I can focus on some more interesting work, maybe it will help fight the blahs. No big plans for the weekend. The kidlet is working for her Dad this weekend at a local trade show with has a lot of jewelry and stuff so I'll probably go and check that out, but otherwise no big plans. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Toy Box: Public Places by Heidi Champa, GR Richards, Jay Lygon (45 pages)
Torquere Books

The Touch of Nostalgia by Heidi Champa - An older guy is crushing on the young hot tattooed, pierced bartender. One night he FINALLY gets his chance in the office of the bar. A very steamy little slice of life.

Poke on the Water by G.R. Richards - On a friend's weekend out, Theo is trying to hook up with Afi who seems joined at the hip to his ex Juan. Theo invites himself along on a canoe trip that ends up with some three-way canoodling in a canoe. I didn't really connect with this one much.

Brat by Jay Lygon - Sam of Chaos Magic has been away for nearly a month for work and Hector proposes they go on a camping trip to relax. On the way there Sam gets more and more mouthy until Hector stops at a rest stop to punish him appropriately in front of all the truckers. Just a kinky little interlude with the guys.

What They Say About Love by Alexi Silversmith (57 pages)
Torquere Books

James breaks up with his girlfriend on Valentine's Day (ouch) and decides he can't get that guy out of his head he fooled around with in college so tarts himself up and heads out to a gay bar to get fucked. He knows his straight best friend and business partner would freak as would his mildly homophobic Dad, but he needs to try. When some hottie starts groping him he turns around to find .... Ethan, his BFF and partner. Eeek. Ethan finally confesses he's gay and they decide to "do it". In the morning James freaks when his Mom shows up and gives Ethan the cold shoulder. He then realizes what an ass he was and has to fix it. I quite enjoyed this friends to lovers story. I liked both guys and was hoping they'd figure it out.

Driven to Distraction by Anah Crow & Dianne Fox (95 pages)
Amber Allure

Ben inherited his Grandfather's collection of classic sports cars and when he damages one, calls on his Grandfather's mechanic Jess to fix it. Jess is hot and they are hitting the sheets within hours. However Jess' wife left him with two small children to raise and despite smoking hot sex, Ben tells him no strings figuring that would be easier for Jess. A few misunderstandings rise up, along with perceived racism in Jess' family (Ben is black) and Ben's ex who doesn't take no for an answer, and get in the way for a short while but it's quickly worked out. This was an enjoyable story without much angst and the conflict was solved pretty easily although you could see the hallmarks of male communication techniques. :-)


Janna said...

I'm glad to see you haz a happy! :)
I just added What They Say About Love to my to buy list after reading about it at Chris's blog.
LOL -> "hallmarks of male communication techniques". I'm thinking about adding that one too, because I love angsty stories.
Happy Friday, Tam!

Jenre said...

Sounds like a great set of stories, Tam.

I never used to like exhibitionism stories, but actually it's a kink which is growing on me, so I may well check out the Toy Box antho.

Have a great weekend. I've cleared up the spilled paint and got one more decorating job ticked off the list :).

Tam said...

It was a cute story Janna. The second two were both pretty good. Hope you have a great weekend.

Tam said...

it's a kink which is growing on me,

Have you discussed this with your husband? :-D

I didn't find they were VERY public, since the first one actually was in an office of a club and the second one in the middle of a lake which in theory someone could have seen them, but unlikely, however Sam and Hector were VERY public.

Glad you got the paint cleaned up. I'm sure I would have had a heart attack.

Chris said...

I really like the Sam & Hector story, but haven't read the others in that collection. Canoodling in a canoe sounds very... tippy. :)

Really enjoyed the Alexi Silversmith story and might have to pick up the other one.

Have a great weekend!

Tam said...

There was some fear of tippage in the story. :-)

The other one was a good read, nothing too dramatic but enjoyable.

Lily said...

Happy Friday!! I'm glad things are getting better for you.

I'm going to definitely have to get the first one, can't pass up on Sam & Hector. Alexi's sounds good too. I read and enjoyed Driven.

Average Reader said...

Nice reviews, Tam. These all sound interesting. I'm still trying to picture the mechanics of threeway sex in a canoe, ha, ha!

Tam said...

Thanks Lily. Alexi's was a fun read and of course Sam and Hector are kinky as ever. :-)

It was tricky Val. LOL I'm surprised they didn't tip. Not something I'm up for trying, not that I'm big on canoes in the first place. Yachts are more my boating style. :-)

Kris said...

i'm with Val. A 3way in a canoe? Ummm, no.

Tam said...

Horny men have amazing balance apparently. LOL

Tracy said...

What they say about love sounds very cute. When I first started reading your blurb I was rolling my eyes but by the end I was jotting down the name! lol

Tam said...

It does start a bit contrived, but it was an enjoyable read Tracy. Sometimes familiar tropes work.