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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last Tuesday in September

I can't believe September is almost over. Holy smokes times flies, even when you're not having much fun. Only a month and I'm off to San Francisco to hook up with the wild bunch. :-) Besides the usual crap at work I'm not loving all the rain we've been getting. Not because it's depressing and gray, I kind of like that, it's because the freaking worms come out on the sidewalk. In the morning I have about a ten minute walk to my office. The sidewalk near the office always has TONS of worms on it when it's wet. I am the person walking head down to ensure I don't step on any, who will periodically shout out random expletives and zig or zag to the left or right while undertaking a full body shudder. God! It just grosses me out. Last week there was one about 6 inches long and as big around as a pencil. Gives me the willies just thinking about it. Ugh. So no more rain, please.

Being Taught by Ethan Stone (18 pages)
Dreamspinner Press

18 year old Chett decides he's going to have sex and picks up older sexy tattooed Richard to show him the ropes, all of them. That's pretty much the whole story. It's very steamy though and sexy yet sweet and tender with a bit of a twist. If you're looking for a fast hot read I recommend it.

A Realistic Romance by Andi Anderson (144 pages)
eXtasy Books

Merrick's music career is in the toilet at the ripe old age of 32. It's decided he should do a reality show where he's in a house with a cute gay guy Samuel for a couple of months with cameras everywhere. He reluctantly agrees, reluctantly because he's instantly attracted to Samuel and he doesn't want to blow his cover as a straight playboy. Despite everything he really likes Samuel and they manage to start a hidden relationship by spending tons of time in the bathroom where there are no cameras. One of the TV execs decides to cause some drama by showing Samuel how Merrick feels about gays. with the expected reaction. While generally I don't care for the closeted celeb story-line, I really liked this one. Maybe because they were mostly alone and despite his desire to stay in the closet he didn't treat Samuel badly, as he could have I suppose. Anyway, it was a fun read without too much angst and the big drama was wrapped up pretty quickly. Samuel's brother was an interesting secondary character I wouldn't mind seeing again.

Port of Call Me by Teddy Logan and Mel Spenser (42 pages)
Torquere Books

Peter broke up with his cheating ex two weeks ago and as a travel writer is taking his BFF Tony on a cruise. He is attracted to masseur Carlos, but Carlos likes his job and doesn't get involved with "cones" as guests are called however something about Peter attracts him. Carlos' boss has been sexually harassing him and tells Peter he and Carlos are together, and after his experience with his ex Peter believes him and he and Carlos have a falling out. This fell pretty close to insta-love for me. While they didn't say it, Carlos went from "Good Time Charlie" to "I really like him a lot" mushy in a day.

Moving On by Fabian Black
LGBT Rummage Sale (only on sale until the end of Sept.)

Andrew is a young man haunted by his past who keeps on the move when it catches up with him. However he hooked up with Thomas, an older man who dominates him and things are going pretty well for them as Andrew thrives with the rules. However the past leaps up and he runs. When Thomas finally finds him a month later he forces the issue and they have to deal with his past and Andrew's propensity to escape into alcohol or run whenever the memories get too great. It's all told from Andrew's point of view so you don't get to know much about Thomas except what Andrew shows you and I never felt there was a great passion between the two. Not that I didn't think they loved each other, but that Andrew was kind of only with him because of circumstances rather than true love. It also hopped around in time which I didn't mind actually and I loved Bob the cat but I didn't feel really connected to the relationship. However, I did like Andrew a lot and felt for him personally.


Chris said...

I'll have to pick up that Andi Anderson for sure. Darn it, I should've thought to pick up some shorts at the DSP sale last weekend!

I liked Moving On and while there wasn't a grand passion, it was nice to see that love has many different forms - if it works, it works.

Tam said...

It's definitely worth a read Chris. That's when I picked up the short, last weekend.

I liked Moving On, but I liked it more for Andrew's story than the relationship part if that makes sense, although his story couldn't be told without it, I found his issues overwhelmed them as a duo and it sometimes felt more parent/child I guess than even D/s. Just me, but as I said, I loved Andrew. I think the fact that you only see Andrew's perspective also means Thomas is just a figure who's there and you don't have much clue as to what he's thinking or feeling except as Andrew sees it.

Chris said...

And Andrew's a bit self-absorbed. :)

Oh, the guy in sidebar - is YUM.

Tam said...

That's one way of putting it. LOL

He is pretty isn't he?

Chris said...

Oh, yesssssss...

Lily said...

I hate those worms too!!

I've got A Realistic Romance and Moving On on my wish list. The other two sound okay.

Hope the weather's better tomorrow. :)

Jenre said...

I've been and 'looked' at A Realistic Romance a few times now, trying to decide whether to buy. I think I will now, seeing your review.

I loved Moving On. It made me cry and laugh as well. I see what you mean about the slight distance in the relationship which, like you said, is probably a result of the 1st person narrative, but I felt that Thomas' actions and his frustrations with Andrew showed how much he loved him. At first I also thought Andrew's feelings for Thomas were a result of co-dependence, but by the end I was convinced he really loved him. *sniffle*

I've picked up another couple of Fabian Black books as a result of reading this. I've only read one of them so far but it was so funny that I almost wet myself laughing.

Tam said...

Glad I'm not alone in my worm hatred Lily. :-) Okay, is the description for the other two, not must-reads.

Tam said...

Hmm. I didn't sniffle Jen. Huh, I usually do at the drop of a hat. I did enjoy it but maybe that distance meant I wasn't as invested in the relationship between the two as I was in Andrew's mental health.

I wold definitely check out the author again though.

K. Z. Snow said...

"Last week there was one about 6 inches long and as big around as a pencil."

If I were still in my twenties or thirties, I'd say that was a summary of my dating life. ;-)

God, Tam, I should know by now to go to the bathroom before I read your posts!

BTW, one of the heroes in my WIP rescued saturated earthworms when he was a kid. I think you need to start doing this to overcome your phobia. Srsly.

Tam said...

You are a naughty girl KZ. LOL

No, no rescuing worms. Not good. I do remember with an older cousin "cooking" with worms which required much chopping with an old kitchen knife. God, I can't believe we did that. Makes me gag thinking about it. We were cruel cruel children. I just need to move to the desert, no worms.

K. Z. Snow said...

Hey, at least I didn't say "my sex life." In case you're at work, I didn't want you to be banned from your own blog!

You might want to rethink the desert. Unless you don't mind snakes and scorpions.

Tam said...

Sigh. I need to live in a bubble. :-)

Michelle M. said...

Worms. Shudder.

Although, has anyone written a story about wereworms? Hmmm...

Tam said...

Don't give anyone ideas Michelle. Next thing you know it will happen. Raining again. Arrgghh. Didn't see any worms by my house tonight. Maybe they know better than to come near me.