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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halifax Day 2 & 3 - Days of Food

Yesterday was a long day of meetings and arguing over wording and all that stuff that happens when you get people from 8 different governments in a room together. Whew. It was also a day of food. For lunch we went here, where apparently Juno actress Ellen Page is great friends with the owner and hangs out there regularly. We didn't see her. However we had some great organic free-range blah blah blah food. It was a nice lunch and it was courtesy of our host. So freeeeee!

Then for dinner we went to the home of another member of the host team for a lobster dinner. Umm, I hate lobster. :-) But I like salmon so I got a grilled salmon fillet. (Notice I said grilled and not barbecued all you southerners. Are you happy?) I saw about twenty lobster fighting desperately to escape as they dropped into a gigantic pot of boiling water screaming, crying, begging for mercy. Okay, they just kind of waved their arms around a bit. Not so dramatic. But it was an impressively huge pot.

This is Shadow. He was the resident cat who refused to look me in the eye for a photo. He had a HUGE bell around his neck to frighten off the birds but was super friendly. They had a gorgeous home and their backyard was small but beautifully maintained and we were able to spend most of the evening on the deck.

Here are the remaining lobster in the since after most people already had at least one. I should have taken a picture when they dumped the whole mess of them in there.

So today was our last day and we only went until 2:00 because some people booked a 4:00 flight. Hello? WTF? It's a FULL day of work. So for my project in November I already told everyone that the class goes until 4:30 Friday. If you HAVE to leave fine, it happens, but don't be planning on getting to the airport before 5:00. Grrr. So we ended up rushing through stuff to get finished but we came up with some concrete plans that now have me having to do some work. LOL Webinar baby, webinar. We're all about the webinar in my Division. It's our "thing".

Anyway, I didn't really have a grasp on what was going on last night, that we would be invading someone's home, so had not taken a hostess gift. So today we all chipped in $5 and after the meeting I found a florist and we sent a plant to our hosts. I know the food was probably paid for, but it was still the cleaning and cooking and organizing and having a bunch of strangers in your house. I thought a plant would last longer than live flowers and she told me an orchid is pretty easy. I'll take her word for it.

Oh, after my church poster, I suddenly noticed this on the back of the bathroom door at the place we met today. I'm telling you it makes you stop and read. You want my what? Ewwwww. LOL

So now I'm using the free wireless in the hotel lobby as my shuttle to the airport comes in about 20 min. My flight leaves at 6:00. I tried to get an earlier flight but the early flight is not direct and I'd end up home later than if I wait for my flight. So I'll be home before 7:00. Not too bad.

Hope everyone is having a great week. I must say I haven't read anything much. I've been goofing around with the cirque story again and surfing the net. :-) See y'all soon.


Erotic Horizon said...

What an adventure... meeting, food, black cat with bell and a pout about early flight... manic day..

Glad you got the plant in there somewhere - Orchids are lovely...

Never had Lobster myself, but boiled alive is not my favourtie need to know info before eating it... Glad the Salmon worked for you...

Have a good night this evening... at least you will be in your own bed..

PS - That advert is more than ewwwwwww


wren boudreau said...

Shadow is probably not looking at you as she's gone deaf from the bell on her neck!

Please do not include any toenail references in the cirque story. Urg.

Jenre said...

Re: Your hottie.

I'm not staring at the tattoo. In fact after I read the comment on the bottom I thought 'he's got a tattoo? Where?'

I expect you'll be glad to get home. Whenever I go to meetings it always says on the pre-meeting letter what time the meeting will finish and gives a warning that you won't be able to leave before that time. This is cos us teachers can be real slackers once we're out of the classroom, lol!

Chris said...

Sounds like you had a pretty darn good trip!

Um. WTF re the toenails?!

Anonymous said...

Toenails, yuck!

I'm so proud of you for knowing the difference between grilled and barbecued!!!!

K. Z. Snow said...

LOBSTER! That's all I have to say, except...

I thought the hottie's navel had exploded -- not the kind of first impression that makes me want to ogle a guy.

Kris said...

O_o Toenails and cancer??

Hope you had a safe trip.

Tam said...

It's very weird EH. At the airport they have a big tank of live lobster and they'll pluck them out for you so you can take them on the plane. Who'd have thought a crustacean could rack up frequent flyer points. :-)

No toe nail references Wren. Gross. Thanks to being "fantasy" I can disregard all stuff like hygiene and just use my imagination that they are all pristinely clean. I have to say the poster really caught me off guard.

Tam said...

Jen Jen Jen. Naughty girl. :-) I made it clear for my meeting in November that it will go until 4:30. No options. Of course some people may have to leave, but let's not have a mass exodus at noon the second day. It annoys me that people would assume that an all-day meeting would end at 2:00.

Chris said...

*has mental image of someone storming the cockpit, menacing the pilots with live lobsters*

Tam said...

Not a bad trip Chris. I'd love to go back and be a proper tourist. Not only Halifax but the surrounding area.

Your vision of the lobster attack? Yeah. Really. LOL "Take me to Cuba or I'll pinch you with a lobster."

Tam said...

I thought of you Eyre when I typed that. LOL I was going to put barbecued and thought, no, she'll be pissed off. Grilled. :-)

All the lobster you could eat KZ. There must have been a good half dozen left. People ate at least two. I guess it's cheap like chicken there. Sigh. My poor hottie. I'll kiss it better. :-D

Tam said...

Made it home safe and sound Kris. Despite the shuttle back to the airport being 20 min. late. I had 45 min. to catch my flight. The guy asked me if I had a seat preference at check-in and I jokingly said "Something without anyone near me." So I get on the plane near the end of the line, I'm sitting in seat 3C waiting for my seat-mates in A and B to show up. The plane is FULL and people are streaming by and they close the door. WTH? I'm alone in this row? How weird is that. So he blocked off the rest of the row for me. LOL Once we got up I moved to the middle seat and spread myself out and got comfy. :-) I'll have to ask that more often.

Kristen and I went out for a bite to eat when I got home and she nearly talked my ear off. I should go away more often. I found out TONS of stuff. :-) I even got a hug when I got home. Everyone ... "awwwwwww".

Lily said...


Sounds like the business trip was pretty OK but I'm sure you must be happy to be home again.

Eww for the toenail ad and Really?? you can take lobsters on the plane. Alive?? Strange!

Tam said...

It was a good trip Lily. And I know, who'd have thought live lobsters? They don't appear to need water to live for a few hours. Tough little beggars.