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Sunday, March 7, 2010

And the Truth is Revealed

So now I get to share with you the real me and reveal the truth. Or at least tell you what I was lying about.

1. I am allergic to dogs. LIE
I have no allergies that I know of.
2. I come from a family of 5 siblings and I am the youngest. LIE
I am an only child.
3. I have never owned any type of house/property. LIE
I did own a house years ago, but home ownership is not my cup of tea.
4. I lived for two years in Warsaw, Poland. TRUTH
From 97-99 I lived in Poland for my job.
5. I can juggle 5 balls at one time. LIE
At one time I could sort of juggle 3 but I was never any good.
6. In university I played on the women's varsity hockey team. LIE
I did pay on the intramural team, but those varsity girls were too rough for me.
7. I was over 30 the first time I went on an airplane. LIE
I was 16 and going to Europe for 3 weeks without parents for a band trip. Woohoo.
8. My ex insisted on naming our daughter after his first girlfriend. LIE
I would have killed him. LOL
9. My parents were both doctors. LIE
My Dad worked in a warehouse and my Mom was a middle manager for the phone company
10. I grew up on a farm. TRUTH
I actually lived with my Grandparents as a child on their small farm.

So congrats to Lily and KZ who got both answers right. You know me too well. (Or you are lucky guessers.) Here's a little reward for you.


Chris said...

I had no clue. :) But hey, I grew up on a farm, too.

Average Reader said...

Oh, gosh, I think I totally misunderstood the game, at least the way I did it over on my blog. I thought 8 statements were true and 2 were false. I should have known when Lily's version matched yours, ha, ha! I really believed that #8 was true! It sounded so specific that it convinced me.

K. Z. Snow said...

Thank you for the prizes, Tam! Mm-mmm. See? I'm not totally senile -- even though I grew up in a tavern.

WV "portird": what a cracker might say after teh buttsecks. (I'm sorry -- truly I am -- but I couldn't resist.)

Tam said...

Must be why we get along so well Chris.

It's okay Val, it works either way. I think he may have vaguely suggested it but the "look" solved that issue.

You are so bad KZ. LOL Taverns are cool, a step above a whorehouse I suppose. :-P

Chris said...

Heh, Val, I was getting frightfully confused yesterday, because some were asking for two truths and some for two falsehoods. O_o

Weirdest thing, Tam. Every time I click on this post in Google Reader (to make it show as read, since I've already obviously read it), I get kicked out of Google Reader and forced to sign back in to it and gmail.

Tam said...

Can you not take a hint Chris? Sheesh. It's like Top Chef, you got it wrong, pack your keyboard and leave. :-) (j/k of course)

Chris said...


Kris said...

I was like Val and thought it was the other way around. Great way to start a Monday. Feeling like a total twat. LOL.

Tam said...

Eh, Monday's suck all around. Doesn't really matter, I still wuv you.

Anonymous said...

LOL! You've given away some great prizes!

Tam said...

Better than Publisher's Clearing House Eyre. :-)

Lily said...

Thanks for the great prizes!! ;D

@Chris... Same thing happened to me with a couple of blogs.

Tam said...

Enjoy them Lily. Hope you are having a great vacation.

Lily said...

I'm having a great time. Thanks!

Drop by my blog. I've got something for you. :)

Janna said...

Boy did I guess wrong ;) Thanks for the cookies anyway!