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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I've kind of fallen off the reading wagon. Maybe it was actually counting that I read 50 stories in Feb. which freaked me out and stalled me out. LOL Okay, lots of those were very short but that's not the point.

I have read a couple of shorts and yes, I finished Ryland's Sacrifice.

On Call: Afternoon by P.D. Singer
Jen did a great review of this which pretty much mirrors my thoughts exactly. It also made me smile when at the end Keith is outlining some of the reasons he thinks he and Dante get along and he is really nervous about the last one. When he finally blurts it out I think I literally snorted out loud. Cute and funny and sweet. But as I said at Jen's, I got sucked into a similar situation with the AR Moler Sips where when I got to #4 they still hadn't even declared that they were dating. 50 pages later and it wasn't moving anywhere, I hadn't found out appreciably more about the couple since story 2. Jen heard there is only one more installment so I hope that it will see the relationship actually move forward in some way and I'll feel satisfied with the ending.

Everybody Fucks Raymond by Kris Klein (26 pages)
Again, see the above link at Jen's. I felt the same, there were some moments in the middle that induced eye rolling. He claimed he hadn't had sex in a year but just "happened" to have a box of condoms in his gym bag. Why would you just wander around town with a box of condoms if you're not sexually active? HOWEVER, after my last post where we discussed using condoms, I would rather roll my eyes at that than be screaming "Nooooooo, don't bareback you idiot!" so in the end it worked out. The style and language is also much rougher than most romances. I'm not going to say it's because it was written by a guy because I read other books by TA Chase or Josh Lanyon that don't have that style, but it reminded me more of a "letters to Penthouse" than romance during the sex scene. Not that it's a bad thing, it's just different. Again at the end I kind of snorted out loud with amusement. On the whole it was a decent read.

Ryland's Sacrifice by Kim Dare (100 pages)
Okay, I finished it. I can't believe that Arslan didn't smack the shit out of him because the bloody kid (I say kid although I think he was 26, he didn't act it) made no freaking sense half the time he was "explaining". I read for pages with a frown on my face trying to figure out WTF he was talking about. To be honest, because I found him so frustrating and annoying I just didn't care about him much at the end. I'm much more interested in the couple Blaine and Luthor or the little guy Kefir. I was kind of like "yeah yeah, go away now, you're annoying me, let's get on with the story of someone more interesting whom I like". Would I read another book in the series? Depends on who it's about and how much I'm going to have to put up with Mr. I-Talk-In-Riddles-That-Make-No-Sense Ryland. I liked the concept and as I said, I developed an interest in some of the other characters. I wouldn't say I disliked Ryland, I just stopped caring about him and whether he got a HEA. Not good


Lily said...

Mr. I-Talk-In-Riddles-That-Make-No-Sense Ryland

Love that name. Glad you finished the book even though you didn't like it.

Chris said...

Have you seen the covers for some of the other books in the Thrown to the Lions series? Ellery's Duty in particular - nothing subtle about that cover, nope. I kinda like it. Heh.

I've read one or two Kris Klein books before - Penthouse Letters is the perfect description. :)

Jenre said...

Glad you liked the shorts too, Tam.

I think I'll give Ryland's Sacrifice a miss. There's so much other great stuff out there.

Kris said...

"Why would you just wander around town with a box of condoms if you're not sexually active?"

Because a) he's a glass half full person and b) he's a guy. Nuff said.

Tam said...

I didn't hate it Lily, trust me, there have been books I hated, but it was more of just shaking my head for most of the second half. Ah well, we can't all love the same ones.

Tam said...

Oh my Chris. Yeah, pretty obvious. LOL Pretty though.

That's true Jen. Lots of people really liked it but it just didn't work for me.

Kris: Good point. Guys. Sigh.

Tam said...

Chris: Oh yeah, it's all laid out there. Pretty though.

Jen: There are a lot of great books waiting for us and this one just didn't work for me. But there's something for everyone.

Kris: You're so smart. Boys. Right. Should have figured that one out. :-)