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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sigh - It's Sunday

I am so not ready to go aback to work tomorrow. Doesn't help there is supposed to be freezing rain tonight and rain all day tomorrow which is completely whack for here. Oh well. You'd think I'd have gotten something useful done this weekend but .... I read two long books so yay me. Oh that means I've met my m/m reading goal challenge. Oops. Guess I better change that huh?

Personal Demons by James Buchanan (281 pages)

Chase is an FBI agent who was shot and his partner killed by a Cuban criminal 5 years ago. He's now sent to LA to work on a special task force that is close to getting the guy. The night before he's to start he figures now is the time to get a quickie since if you are in the FBI it equals in the closet. He meets this guy at a bar and they do it in the back room. The next day he meets his LAPD partner on the case and holy shit, it's the guy from the bar Enrique. Enrique is an expert in Caribbean religions and this may factor in to the case. Enrique and Chase fall easily into fuck buddies and partners although Chase quickly admits it's more. He's also got an alcohol problem which makes him very defensive and causes problems. This is a very complex story with TONS of information about Santeria and other similar religions and Chase is exposed to some weird shit that he doubts could be real, like spiritual healers and gods taking possession of people during ceremonies. To be honest I would be with Chase and highly skeptical but he's forced to believe what he sees and there is a big show-down with the bad guys after which Chase is whisked out of town in hours without the chance to talk with Enrique. Is there something to build on or not?

I love James' writing because the story surrounding the romance has equal value. It's not just tacked on to give a conflict. The story would be interesting and capture my attention even if it wasn't a romance. I'm not sure I fully understood all the religious stuff but it was very interesting anyway. This would make a great movie I think. A great read I would recommend to those who like law enforcement stories. With a bit of voodoo thrown in.

Love Means ... No Shame by Andrew Grey (241 pages)

This is a Dreamspinner success story. I read the short Simple Gifts in the Christmas anthology which is a slice of life or Geoff and Eli and it intrigued me enough to buy this although I'd seen it a few times, I'd never been inspired until I read the short. So I guess I have proven their strategy of putting out teasers in anthologies works.

Geoff's father dies and he gives up his life of accounting and screwing every gay man in Chicago to move back home and run the family farm. His father had also been gay and after Geoff's mom died when he was a baby, he met Len and they were together 20 years. One day they find Elijah, an Amish man (20) sleeping in their barn. Geoff offers him a job as Eli is on his year away from home before deciding to commit to the church. Eventually Eli and Geoff find themselves attracted and have to deal with Geoff's vindictive aunt and also with Eli adapting to the ways of the "English" (non-Amish). I really enjoyed the story and maybe Geoff was a bit too good to be true but I think there are people out there who help out their neighbors, I know I grew up in that kind of community so I didn't find it unrealistic although some might. I liked how Eli grew and had to face up to some of the prejudices of his faith. I though Raine, Geoff's gay friend was well done. So all in all a nice story with a few moments that I needed a tissue. Sigh. Yes, I'm a sap, but it wasn't angsty really, parental death will get ya every time. There is a prequel with the story of Geoff's Dad and Len. I may get it yet as I enjoy the writing style.

That's all for the weekend. Not sure what I'll start next. I have lots of long books waiting for me so not so much to report back on. Have a great week all.


Anonymous said...

Tam, I thought the prequel to Love Means . . . No Shame was even better than No Shame, which I really enjoyed.

I completely understand not being ready to go back to work tomorrow. I need just one more day off!

Tam said...

Thanks for the rec Eyre. I'll probably check it out. I really need to read some of the books in my TBR file and quite buying new ones. LOL

Another day off would be nice.

Average Reader said...

The next day he meets his LAPD partner on the case and holy shit, it's the guy from the bar Enrique.

Ha, ha! I really enjoyed Personal Demons, too.

That was quite a religious ceremony, wasn't it? Where they leave a little gift for the devil out by his shack and then go up to the church for the main ritual in which everyone gets possessed. I mean, wow!

The Amish thing sounds very interesting! I've seen its cover and not been sure, but now after your review I think I give it a try.

Lily said...

I've got both of these in my TBR and it sounds like I should be moving them up.

Yuk, sorry about the cold & rainy Monday!

Tam said...

I wasn't sure about it either Val. I read Amish and though ... meh, but after reading the Christmas short I enjoyed it and it made me curious.

That ceremony was crazy, I'd probably need therapy after that. LOL

Chris said...

Personal Demons was great! Hmm, ok, I'm moving that Andrew Grey up from not interested to maybe. :)

*sigh* We've had the freezing rain/rain for the past several days. Now we get the temperature drop, turning the roads into skating rinks. SO not looking forward to that drive tomorrow.

Tam said...

Sorry to keep screwing up your TBR system Lily. :-) They are both good reads, one more relationship based but I enjoyed both.

Tam said...

I'll be honest Chris, I had read the blurb a few times and thought it really wasn't for me, I tend to steer clear of books that have any kind of religious aspect but it wasn't really an issue beyond a few basic background bits so I was glad I finally read it.

Stay safe tomorrow. I'm afraid that will be our situation on Tuesday when it freezes.

Chris said...

*sends antiskid thoughts to Tam for Tuesday*

Lily said...

*sending strong antiskid thoughts to both Tam and Chris*

Be Safe!

Tam said...

I could have used some anti-skid this morning. The sidewalk looked like it was covered in water. Oh it was, with ice underneath. I looked like the spider on rollerskates in Harry Potter. I'm sure the cars driving by had a good laugh. It's coming down in buckets which will hopefully melt the ice by my house that has captured my extension cord I had my Christmas lights plugged into.

Chris said...

Great visual there, Tam.

It's now snowing, which both hides the ice and polishes it. Eep.

But most of the roads freeze-dried overnight, so the drive wasn't too bad.