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Monday, January 4, 2010

"I'm finished reading shorts" she said ... and lied

So yeah, I thought I was done with the shorts, and I am pretty much. But I went searching for With This Ring and well .... I've never claimed to have much willpower. And if it doesn't stop freaking snowing soon I'm going to bitch slap Mother Nature.

With this Ring by TA Chase (35 pages)

When you open the file it says many more pages, it's not. Not good or bad, just a point. This is the follow-up to Tabloid Star which I enjoyed. Ryan screws up his courage and asks Josh to marry him at his birthday party. They then get married NYE in Connecticut at a ski resort. I liked how it was done in the sense that they are at the resort and talking, then it flashes back to him asking him to marry him. Then some more stuff at the resort and they talk about Ryan's parents accepting him and then it flashes to Josh meeting his parents for the first time. So I kind of liked how it hopped back and forth, I didn't find it annoying but I know some people hate that. Ryan's 90 year old Aunt Edna, the only member of his extended homophobic family to attend was a hoot. Two books I've read with feisty old women to model myself after. She wanted to sit at the table with Garret because she considered him "a nice piece of eye candy". So a little angst free piece about a true HEA.

Half of the Other by Joanne Kells (68 pages)

Perhaps I should have stopped while I was ahead. Charlie wakes up the morning after the company Christmas party and wants to die. He kissed his best friend/coworker/crush of the last year. Oh yeah, straight friend. He's freaking out and runs into Tom in the coffee shop but Tom claims not to remember anything but invites Charlie over that night. Charlie spends the whole day in a freak-out, nearly screwing up a major client presentation, tripping over his rug, blah blah blah and gets to Tom's to find out Tom set him up on a double blind date with a chick. He gets really pissed but fakes it and finally at the end of the night tells Tom he's gay. Tom shows up at his house and is all agressive and finally admits he's wanted Charlie too but faked being straight. After some rubbing off Charlie trips AGAIN and breaks his ankle. Tom then practically moves in to take care of him and time is spent on the frustration that they can't have sex due to the broken leg/pain/cast. What is your problem you ask? Sounds okay. Charlie made me freaking want to slap him. There was so fucking much navel gazing there should have been a hole through is stomach. It really annoys me when characters are so caught up in their dick that they can't do their job or even think for 5 minutes. Yeah, I know he'd be freaked, wouldn't we all, but you have a bloody meeting with clients, you can't turn off your hard-on or introspection for 60 minutes. I find it very immature that these men in their 20's (and more) can't function because they are "in love". Arggghh. I find the "turned on no matter what is happening" very unrealistic. It is also first person in the style I don't care for. "I got up" "I had a shower" "I looked in the mirror" "I thought" See a pattern here? So on the whole this so did not work for me, but for those who don't mind ditzy heros who can't think because all the blood in their body resides in their dick 24/7, it might work. Oh on the upside, the fact that the pain from the broken leg temporarily put the brakes on his horniess was a nice change from those who can perform immediately after having open heart surgery and a brain transplant.

The Best Gift by Shawn Lane (34 pages)

Okay, this one wasn't bad, I shouldn't be so negative. Malcolm and Dustin (sometimes called Dusty) have been best friends since Jr. High but Malcolm is now dating/living with hot cop Jordan (even though Dustin's been in love with him for years). Malcolm catches Jordan cheating on him and Jordan starts to get a bit abusive but Dustin takes Malcolm (erotic m/m author - new career du jour) home to stay with him. After a few days Malcolm starts to think about Dustin as more than a friend. When he finally makes a move he confesses that's he always wanted Dustin but Dustin was with someone else at the time. HEA It was a cute little friends to lovers story. But it did seem there was a time when neither of them were hooked up that they could have gotten together but whatever. The only issue I had was the Dustin-Dusty issue because I could see if the person called him Dusty as a nickname, but in the general narration he was sometimes referred to as Dustin and sometimes as Dusty. I wasn't sure if it was intentional or an error in places.

Christmas Catch by Lex Valentin (18 pages)

When you open the file it is 46 pages but there are several chapters of other books at the back. Maybe you had to read other books in a series to get this because in the blurb it said something about bodyguard to some model but without the blurb there is no reference to the career of the person being guarded in the actual story. So Mitch (the bodyguard) goes with mysterious (model) client to visit said person's cousin Grayson at a ranch in California. Seems Grayson has the hots for the former air force pilot but doesn't act (for at least 36 hours) until he hears Mitch having a nightmare and tries to wake him up. Mitch grabs him and they have hot sex, seems Mitch has been eyeing him up as well. Mitch fucks Gray, Gray fucks Mitch and hand jobs in the shower. Innnn, oh an hour maybe? 90 min. tops and they are raring to go again before their little discussion. Niiiice. I need to find me a man like this. It smacked of insta-love in a sense, but then it turns out Mitch had gotten Gray's MSN name from his cousin and had been chatting with him anonymously for awhile so they kinda knew each other. When he confesses Gray is pissed but they both realize that love at first sight does exist. Big sigh, hearts, flowers and unicorns puking up glitter. I'm sorry, I shouldn't be so snarky but it was one big romantic sugary glob of insta-love to me. I like me some sugar too, just ask Jen, but not this much. I'm in a coma.

No more shorts. I have lots of longer books who can hopefully build a relationship without having to resort to insta-love to get the HEA within X pages. I swear, I'll be good. Oh except for the Fish story which is supposed to be funny. This has been a crappy dappy Monday. I could use some humour.


Jenre said...

I've written a review for Half of the Other for Wave this week. I think you'll be interested to see how much we agreed on this one :).

Sorry you are having a crap day. Chin up only three more hours and then you can go home to a large glass of wine.

Tam said...

Yes Jen, we know you and I are of the hive mind most of the time. LOL

Actually I am going home in 45 min., but to drag the kid to the transit station so we can replace her lost photo ID she needs for her bus pass. Grrrr. We'll be waiting in line who knows how long since it's the start of the month. Bloody kids.

Chris said...

My comments for both Half of the Other and The Best Gift were pretty similar to yours, with The addition of finding "Jordan Castillo" a bit distracting in The Best Gift.

Shorts. You can't read just five... ;)

Tam said...

Chis: Yeah, that name thing threw me off for a second. I know Josh Lanyon wrote the character Sean Kennedy which was done unintentionally as well.

Well, I'm trying to limit myself, really I am. LOL

Chris said...

I thought of you and Kris when I was poking through stock photo sights earlier an found many, many shots of the white jeans & shopping bags guy from that cover (the thing Jen thought was too sweet today, was it?).

Tam said...

It was pretty sweet. I can take more sugar than Jen finds appealing. Lily liked it. :-) If you find the sweet stories with no real conflict annoying then you might find it too sweet. I'm not sure you're insulin limit.

Lily said...

Hey, what can I say, I like a bit of sugar overdose sometimes. Must be the romantic in me, lol. :D

I haven't read any of these yet although I've got Shawn's book in my TBR.

Unknown said...

Very Nice Post..

Anonymous said...

I think I also read this book ‘With This Rings’. The episode where the marriage takes place in Colorado ski resorts is very interesting.

Janna said...

Sorry your day is crappy dappy! But the humour you've got plenty I think... You had me laughing and giggling all over the place with your snarky remarks. It was just too funny! Sad though that only one of the read stories was okay. Better luck with the longer books, hon!

Tam said...

Thanks for stopping by Bala and Lancelot. (I swear I posted this once but obviously not.)

Janna: Glad I made your day. I ended up reading Go Fish which is the only thing I've had a chance to read in the last day or so and it was HILARIOUS so my day got much better. I just got UX4 (Yay Thanks KZ) so I'm sure the quality of my reading is about to go up.

Chris said...

I loved Go Fish!