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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mom Brag

Getting so grown up and those braces were worth every penny. 14.5, I can't believe how the time flies. She is an amazing kid and I couldn't ask for anything more. I know people fear the teen years but I am loving every minute of it. We are going to Rocky Horror picture show together Halloween night at midnight, taking some friends to the hockey game this Sunday, just having a blast together. Love you.


Tracy said...

As I've said...beautiful!

So I have to ask - when did she first get braces. My daughter keeps buggin me saying she needs braces but she's still losing teeth! lol

Tam said...

She got them in Feb. 2007, so she was just in Grade 6 (not yet 12) and got them off in May 2009 at the end of Grade 8. She had lost all of her baby teeth and had 4 permanent teeth pulled before the braces as the crowding was too much. She HATED them for the first few months and it was rough but she got used to them and I think despite her whining she's quite happy with her amazing smile now. It was great to have them off before high school which is a very sensitive time for kids but then probably 1/3 of the kids have braces now so it's not such a big deal anymore.