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Monday, October 5, 2009

Slacking off, might have to do this in two goes.

Spilled Ink by Rob Knight (31 pages)

God I hate these Arcana covers. But moving on. Mark's partner was killed on the job (cop) and he's having a really hard time dealing. He's in therapy, on admin leave, his lover left him and his therapist recommends he get a tattoo to memorialize his partner and suggests Rooster's shop. He fascinated by Rooster right off (a former meth addict) and of course he gets all turned on during the tattoo (I don't get that but apparently it happens). Rooster "takes care of it" for him. He comes back later when he's got his life together and gets another tattoo to commemorate that. More kinkiness ensues. One night he and his partner are answering a call for a robbery and it's Rooster's shop and he realizes how much he cares and they get together for real that night. I really liked this story, how they were drawn together even being complete opposites and it took time for them to realize it. And anything with tattoos turns my crank. A good read for me.

Sanctuary by Cat Kane (46 pages)

Jay freaks out at work and punches an A-list actor in the face. Ooops. He is sent on admin leave to a retreat where best I can tell you do nothing but spend your time alone in the woods getting fed periodically by the crotchety old owner. Okay. Jay meets the owner's grandson who helps run the place and is attracted but doesn't want it to be him taking advantage of someone and puts him off. Of course they finally get together and Jay is fascinated by someone who could care less about money and Hollywood. He is called back for an emergency meeting and has to decide what kind of life he wants. I thought the whole "stuck in the forest with no human contact" was a bit weird but I liked Noah a lot, but on the whole it left me a bit cold.

Cotton Candy, Control, Dinner and Dancing by Rob Knight (10 pages each)

These are little sips that are about Six, Jules and Paul from the Rough Cuts mini-series. I kind of got hooked on them and felt compelled to buy them. Cotton Candy is how Jules met Six at the carnival and they hooked up. Although it's not clear if Six works for the carnival or is a tattoo artist as he later is (and says he is). Control is kind of an odd one where Jules loses his musical muse and when Six comes home one night he finds the way to get it back for him is through some dominant sex. Then Jules comes home and finds Six freaking out about bees in his head because he had to go to the hospital (that came up in the other book, some kind of weirdass phobia that was never explained) and Jules talks him down in the shower. Then in Dinner and Dancing it's after they hook-up and move in with Paul who takes care of them and leaves notes about everything (it must be like living with freaking kindergarteners) and says he'll be home early and they'll go for dinner. So Six takes him to a nice restaurant and then on a carriage ride and dancing. A very romantic evening. Why do I read these? Because I'm hooked on the characters despite the fact they've done so many drugs that Six has about that many brain cells left and Jules "sees" in music and Six "sees" in color and Paul goes to his office job everyday and wrangles the stoners. Okay, the reality would make me nuts but now I like them despite their weirdness.

Dash and Dingo by Cat Ford and Sean Kennedy (310 pages)

You can see a proper review here http://www.reviewsbyjessewave.com/?p=8355 and all I'll say is I looooved it. Yes, I cried, twice. Amazing adventure, great characters, opposites attract bringing out the best in each other. I'm so looking forward to their next journey.

Couple Seeks Friendship by Rob Knight (36 pages)

Kell is assigned by his editor to do a story on committed couples who seek out other people for fun/relationships. He finds an ad placed by Justin and Ricky and explains to them that he's doing an article and wants to interview them. He expects some total whack jobs and does think they are nuts but is kind of attracted. Seems that Ricky has these "feelings" and he's sure that Kell is supposed to be with them and Justin goes along for the ride. They invite Kell to their house a few weeks later to "discuss" the article and make their move because Ricky wants a relationship with him and "knows" he's the one. Kell is totally freaked and again, Justin is Mr. Calm and keeps everyone on track. Pretty stereotypical, calm sane partner, younger flighty feely partner, freaked out third who doesn't get why they want him but his dick is screaming go for it. Nothing new here. It was fine but nothing special and Ricky turned into Randy for a couple of paragraphs. Ooops.

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