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Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, what I read over the weekend, or some of the weekend. Whatever.

TLC 101 by Janey Chapel (78 pages)

I enjoyed this book but w0uld have loved for it to go on for a bit and it ended as they were just getting started. For a better review which says what I think you can check out Jenre's review or Waves review, both pretty much sum up my thoughts about it. A great little read.

Just for You by Jet Mykles (100 pages or so)

Tis the day of the cheat. See reviews here and here. I concur.

My only peeve (and not necessarily of this book but story telling in general) is the assumption that because someone is rich and powerful that automatically makes them better boyfriend material. That somehow money and job opportunities will make you love someone or be enough if you don't love them I guess. Even abusers can be rich and powerful. Having money does not make you a better candidate for spouse of the year and I get a bit tired of the "but you should date him instead of me because he's got more money than I do, can get you that job, can buy you a car, blah blah blah." If you're looking for a sugar daddy fine, that's a good criteria, if you're looking for a parterner I think you need a bit more than an American Express black card. Rant done.

Gay Until Graduation by Kim Dare (48 pages)

When one of their friends has to drop out of university because his girlfriend is pregnant, Spenser (bi man-slut) decides he's going to be gay until he graduates then no one can get pregnant. He hones in his best friend Baxter who's always had a crush on him but knows it's a lost cause (man-sluttedness taken into account) and springs it that they know Baxter goes to a BDSM club and likes to play the sub. I got the impression they all go to this club to play around from time to time which I found a bit odd, those kind of clubs I didn't think cater to the "recreational" dom, but whatever. He more or less bullies Baxter into agreeing to be his sub. As graduation gets closer Baxter gets more funky as he sees their relationship coming to and end as Spenser keeps raving about how he can't wait until school is over. Of course they don't talk about this until Spenser pushes the issue and they get it out on the table. I'm torn on this. I thought Spenser was a dick but Baxter was pretty much a door mat until it push came to shove. I was glad to see him grow a spine. So on the whole a spicy little read. I won this in a contest so thanks to the author for the opportunity to try this one out. I still think Gaydar was the best I've read so far.

Games in the Dark by a shit load of authors (304 pages)

There are 11 stories in this Dreamspinner Press anthology, all with a BDSM or D/s theme. Like any anthology some I really really liked, some were meh and I didn't connect to them. My faves? Phew. Hard, so many to remember.

Fit to Be Tied by Ashlyn Kane - Tyler catches Jem staring longingly at the handcuffs as they are buying joke gifts for a friend. He takes note and later buys them and ties himself to the bed. Not quite what Jem had in mind. Jem NEVER talks about his personal life even though they live together and this gives them a chance to be more emotionally intimate.

Silent Negotiations by Lynn Gala - Michael is on his BFs computer looking for a website and finds some bondage sites that Raahi has been visiting. It turns him on so he decides to surprise Raahi one night with a little scene. It's a roaring success but Raahi admits he lent the computer to someone and they must have visited the sites, oops, but it works anyway.

Remarkable Restraint by Devon Rhodes - Chaz and Justin have been roommates forever and of course Chaz is crushing on straight Justin. Justin is getting ready to head off to Central America for two months but seems to be getting more touchy feely. Chaz tries to avoid him to avoid embarrassing himself until Justin forces the issues, meaning ties him up and jerks him off. Justin confesses to not being quite so straight (in all ways) which pisses Chaz off because he wanted to be with him meanwhile Chaz has been with other guys. He leaves without saying good-bye and gets a note and a suprise package from Justin which gives him time to think over the two months whether he wants to remain good friends only or take it further.

Learning as We Go by Ellen Whitehall - I'm torn on this one because it's written in present tense which tends to throw me off but I liked the story. Jake and Matt are fellow teachers at college and best friends roommates. Of course Jake is clueless that Matt is A) gay and B) has a thing for him. When he finally figures it out things get into the D/s are which Jake is completely unfamiliar with. He plays along but isn't sure and they have to find a way to work out what Matt wants/needs with how it all works as Jake has never been a Dom before. The fact that they are best of friends helps with the connection as they "learn as they go".

All Kinds of Attention by H.J. Brues - Troy, who's had shitty luck with men who want to use him because he's cute until they get bored, ducks into a biker bar (wearing a tuxedo) after a fight with his boss/potential sugar daddy. He almost gets in a fight with Tom (he may be small and cute but he's scrappy) who seems to be the head leather Daddy. Tom leaves and when Troy leaves shortly after he meets up with Tom out on the street. Tom convinces him that he needs to be taken in hand (so to speak) and convinces him to come home with him. Troy is very needy and just wants someone to care about him and love him and Tom seems to be the Dom who can do that for him. After a very hot time in the dungeon and Tom teaching him about letting go, it seems they are perfect for each other and there is a HEA. Okay, the fact that Tom figured all this out from a 5 min. conversation with a pissed off cutie in a tuxedo is not very realistic but I felt for Troy who'd had a shitty life and kept getting used hoping to find someone who really cared about him and thought he was good enough. So I wanted him to be happy.

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Nice rant. I liked Snagged but definitely not as much as Tech Support or some of her other work.