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Monday, October 5, 2009

And the reading goes on

Chasing Victory by Tory Temple (132 pages)

Mitch is one of the top drivers on the something racing circuit. Kind of like Nascar I think. I'm racing challenged and it doesn't really matter. After a wreck he meets Pacey, one of the field medics. They soon start an under the radar fling and Mitch starts winning so sees Pacey as his good luck charm. He also starts to get a bit freaked out that he might see Pacey as more than a lucky fuck. They have a falling out when he more or less says that's all he is and then there is a crisis with his Dad who has Alzheimers. He has to make some big decisions about his life and where its going. I have to say I thought the ending was really different for a romance, no instant forgiveness and HEA. Mitch had to work for it and I think that's more like real life after you've hurt someone. I really enjoyed this book a lot, liked both characters and could understand where they both were coming from and how it got screwed up. Highly recommend this one. Oh and I won it on Tory's site so thanks again for that.

Smolder: Screen Shots 2 by Willa Okati (75 pages)

Dylan and Gabriel are a couple off screen as well as on from time to time and when they are on it's wild. Two super alphas going at it. Brandon is the new guy, cute and aggressive. He requests his first time on screen be with Brandon and Gabriel. Everyone is leery because it's pretty intense but they agree. Seems Brandon and Gabriel have also set their sights on Brandon for off screen as well. The filmed session is smoking BDSMish and they have to set up a special part of the website because it's too "out there". Brandon thinks Dylan and Gabriel are just playing him and tries to get them to back off but they persist and ... This had potential but what annoyed me was everyone trying to explain to Brandon how things worked. It was weird. They all fuck for money on-line but they were tip toeing around the fact that they all may fuck for fun but there are serious couples off screen as well. There was this philosophical discussion about eros vs philios. No wonder the poor kid was confused as hell. No one ever said "We aren't just doing this for kicks, we like you and want to date you. But we all screw each other on camera, no biggie, we're friends". That would have solved most of the conflict. You'd think they were 13 year olds beating around the bush. So I didn't care for this edition as much because I thought it was made unnecessarily vague and mysterious to add to the conflict.

Slinky: Screen Shots 3 by Willa Okati (65 pages)

Ross is the boy next door and Maddox is the new bad boy with tattoos, piercings and spiky coloured hair. Oh and he's VERY flexible. Maddox sets his sights on Ross for both off and on screen. But Ross is wary, he'll do it for pay but is steering clear of anything else but yet he's oddly attracted. Also seems Maddox won't film in studios, only spontaneously. So their first job is in the middle of the sports field outside. Ooookay. But once they get started they can't keep their hands off each other but again, instead of saying "Gee Maddox, wanna date?" Ross keeps doing these things like accepting a bet to suck Maddox off in front of everyone hoping he knows that means they are more than just colleagues. Just SAY IT!!!!! They end up at a big bonfire party at Thom's place where said blow job leads to a huge orgy with everyone partnered off. It was pretty hot. I liked Ross and Maddox better in this book but I still thought that just talking and saying what you mean rather than euphemisms and steely eyed looks would have saved a lot of time. But yes, I'll get books 4 and 5 when they come out.


Tracy said...

Chasing Victory sounds good!

And you made me laugh - a lot - with your synopes of the 2 Okati books. JUST SAY IT. omg how many times have I screamed that at a book? lol Too many to count. Communication goes a long way, baby.

Tam said...

It was good Tracy, I think you'll ike it. I just found the fact that everyone pussyfooted around the issues in the WO books weird. They are in the porn business, if you can't talk about sex in that biz, when the hell can you?