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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ooops, slacking off again

I promised I'd keep this updated, I lied. Before I leave on vacation this coming week, here we go.

Triplesex by Amanda Young (36 pages)

This ties in with Kinky Orgasm. Caleb is a college professor who is coming up on his 9th anniversary with Zaki. He's looking forward to a vacation and is starting to wonder if their sex life is getting a bit stale. He gets a call to meet Zaki at the bar (Kinky Orgasm bar) and thinks Zaki is drunk upstairs. He goes up and it seems that Zaki decided to set Caleb up for a little fun with of all people, the new hot coach at the college that Caleb mentioned. Its just a short hot little interlude between the three guys. It was okay but I liked Kinky Orgasm better, maybe because you didn't get to know anything about Zaki except that he was younger and getting bored (hence the threesome) but in 36 pages there is only so much you can do.

The Cowboy and the Thief by Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael (87 pages)

Jamie is a cowboy stained glass artist in New Brunswick (really?) who runs into Adrian at the local rich guy's estate. They hook up with Adrian only looking for some fun but Jamie soon realizes that he's in deeper than Adrian wants. It also comes out that Adrian is some kind of a thief who finds things that rich guy wants (i.e. pink diamonds). Adrian has some kind of weird ass family and amazingly Jamie is fine with Adrian being a thief. Jamie decides he's too attached and bolts, there is angst, Adrian needs to admit what he feels, HEA (HFN?). I found Jamie a bit odd to just accept Adrian's (job) and you really had no clue what was going on with Adrian except these little glimpses into his weird family. I would have liked a more completely picture of why he did what he did. It was okay.

Somebody Killed his Editor by Josh Lanyon (191 pages)

Okay, I laughed out loud in the first page I think. This is the first book in a series where Christopher Holmes an author goes to a retreat to try and revive his sagging career and suddenly due to crappy weather is stranded at the resort with a bunch of chick-lit authors and he finds a dead body. After being dumped by his editor, the editor is found dead as well. And who else is there? J.X. Moriarity, a guy he spent a weekend with 10 years ago and a former cop. Very funny with a mystery thrown in and I'm telling you, I could FEEL that crappy weather. Can't wait for the next one.

Rough Canvas by Joey W. Hill (263 pages)

This book picks up about 4 years after the couple met and a year or 18 months after they split. Thomas left his master/lover/art agent Marcus after his father died and his brother was crippled in an accident to take care of the family. Of course his mother thinks all gays are sinful, blah blah blah (those characters drive me around the bend). Marcus comes back and sees that Thomas has stopped painting, has an ulcer, lost weight, etc. He convinces him to spend a week with him where lots happens and they part, but keep in touch and eventually there is a HEA. Its a pretty hardcore BDSM relationship, with a real master/slave thing happening in the bedroom but not a 24/7 thing. I'm not really into those kind of books but it was okay and didn't take it too far for me. I really felt for Marcus because Thomas was so sucked in by freaking "duty". They needed him. Yeah right. What if you died? You think they wouldn't survive without you? Think again, no one's indispensible and his mother didn't mind taking the money he made painting. So I wanted to slap Thomas more than once and I must have PMS because it made me teary sometimes. I like how you found out more about Marcus as it went and it kind of coincided with his truly trusting Thomas. Great read.

Memories Erased by M.E. Reid (196 pages)

Devin (super secret assassin) goes to the bar looking for trouble (or sex) after being dumped and finds Ewyn being smacked around by his boyfriend. He saves him and takes him home and is immediately attracted and Ewyn never leaves. He also works for the super secret orgaization but is a techie guy. But it seems Ewyn is really a member of a crime family and someone seems to be trying to kill him and they have to figure out who. I had a few issues, nearly every guy in the book had a freaking fu manchu mustache. Ugh. He also kept caling Ewyn "baby boy", like ALL the time even in his head, "and baby boy went to the fridge" or whatever. He was 32. It was pretty much a perfect world where Devin went to work, killed someone and came home and everything was hunky dory, no fall out. So it was okay but I had a few issues (moving in together too soon - like within 3 hours - is one of my bugaboos).

Love Most Inconvenient 2 by D.J. Manley (87 pages)

This was a set of 3 shorts about people falling in love at not the greatest time. First one is a young ad guy who gets hammered on his birthday and strips for some hot guy at the bar. Guess who the new boss is? They eventually hook up at work but he finds out the boss has a daughter with cancer and the lack of communication rears its head when he thinks he's cheating on his wife or getting back with him and if he'd just asked what was happening he'd have known.

In the second an events planner is trying to replace his ex who was the coordinator (he's the accountant) and is more or less steam rolled by a young guy. They get together once and the boss decides he doesn't do relationships and back off. But young guy gets under his skin and on v-day for a party the accountant has to fill in for the stripper (how convenient) and asks the guy to marry him the next day. Ummm. You haven't even been on a date, screwed his brains out once and work with him and you want to marry him tomorrow. Holy fuck. Talk about moving fast. (See bugaboo above.)

The third was my fave. Alex got drunk and trashed a rich arts college after his brother is killed by a gang. He is assigned 10 months of community service at the school as penalty. There he meets Jacob a student who he figures is a rich kid who wouldn't want to have anything to do with a "Spic" like him. They eventually hook up and start a relationship where Jacob is the more experienced and initiates Alex into all kinds of kinky stuff. One of the other janitors threatens to reveal them to the boss so they back off with 3 weeks of school to go. At the end Alex applies to go to the school on scholarship and while Jacob is graduating and going off to NYC they vow to keep seeing each other and Alex finally got his life on track like his brother was trying to do when he was killed. A great story.

Looking for Some Touch by K.Z. Snow (161 pages)

Pablo is a prostitute who decides to apply for the job as a "touch" in the underground city to avoid being assinged a permanent S&M idiot client. He would basically work for three magic guys, giving sexual energy. He connects with Win, one of the magic guys and Tole seems to want him gone and Zee is trying to make everyone get along. There is a mystery of a missing woman and much of the book is Pablo just trying to figure out who the hell these guys are and what he's supposed to do. Lots of world building. I'm glad there is another book (2 more) because I definitely want more and want to know more about the others and what they are all about. Must work on getting those soon. Loved the characters.

Death or Life by T.A. Chase (69 pages)

Noah comes home from his Dad's campaign thingy and finds a killer waiting for him. But the guy doesn't kill him, he gives him a file with dirt on his father (who hired the killer) and tells him to go to his Grandfather. A few months later he meets Cain his Grandfather's new security guy and they start a relationship but it seems the killer is back and after Noah. Seems the killer and Cain have an unusual connection which comes out and Noah's father seems to be doing more than having the odd political opponent picked off and he kidnaps Noah to try and get the file folder back. All those damn American politicans are dirty. :-) I enjoyed the story and liked Noah a lot. And woohoo, they didn't get married after knowing each other for 48 hours. Big thumbs up from me.

Bring the Heat by M.L. Rhodes (121 pages)

Police Detective Riley lamely goes to the same coffee house everyday hoping to get a glimpse of the hot guy there. When the hot guy makes a move Riley freaks and bolts. In the course of an investigation of a murder at a strip club he finds himself interviewing fellow dancer Dane, hot guy from coffee house. He blows all protocol and Dane and they have a great time. Ooops, seems Dane neglected to tell him some info and he can't figure out why Dane would like him anyway as he figures he's a geek. Riley tells him he can't see him while the investigatio is going on but the pull is there. After its over there is a HEA. Bonus points for having a cover that reflects something in the story. :-) Great story, liked both characters muchly.

Alternative Treatment by Claire Thompson (217 pages)

After being caught with a DUI Paramedic man-slut chip-on-shoulder Noah is assigned 100 hours community service in a seniors' home. He propositions the head Dr. hoping to get out of his hours. That goes over poorly but he and the Dr, are drawn together. They finally hook up after his time is done and Noah encourages Mark to follow his dreams and not work at the home just because his family expects it. On Christmas Eve Mark comes out to his family, tells them he's quitting and ooops, finds Noah with his dick in another guy's mouth. They manage to get past that and then Mark moves away for work and they have to deal with that challenge to their relationship. While there is the one incident with the other guy, most of the book is just about them trying to work on a new long distance relationship and Noah supporting Mark even though it means he's moving. Not a lot of outside drama but it is nice to just have the realities of being with somene and how hard that can be.


Tracy said...

Tam I have to say I love all of your little blurbs for the books. Too effin funny. This sentence caught my eye:
Jamie is a cowboy stained glass artist in New Brunswick (really?)
Probably because I was thinking, REALLY? at the same time. lmao!

Loved the Lanyon. Although being over 40 I could have done without Christopher complaining about his aches and pains - while he's only 40!! Granted he did say he was out of shape though. :)

Tam said...

Seems the more books I note in a post the snarkier I get by the end. I was tired so this group seems particularly snotty. Ooops. Generally no one ever reads this stuff, or they aren't supposed to.

Tracy said...

Don'tcha just want to? I know when I do my weekly thing I have to try really hard not to get snarky. I've done it before and then had the author stop by. oops. Caught in the act! lol

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