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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trying to keep up, must read fewer shorts

Then I'd have fewer of these things to post.

Still Crazy by M. Jules Aedin (29 pages)

Neil, a mechanic and Simon, a teacher have been together for 30 years. For their anniversary Simon manages to find an old motorcycle just like the one Neil had to sell years ago to pay Simon's medical bills. Some hot outdoor lovin' on a motorcycle ensues and they almost get caught by their teenage neighbor and Simon's student. A really sweet story about still being madly in love 30 years down the road. It's what we all hope for I guess.

Like Coffee and Donuts by Elle Parker (190 pages)

Dino is a private detective in his early 40's and Sean is his best friend, a bi-sexual mechanic who'll do anyone, anywhere, anytime. Dino is more discriminating and has only dated women. Sean often helps him out on cases and a close call in a bar fight triggers the start of a romantic relationship between the two. There is some angst on Dino's part, more of fear of screwing up the friend relationship rather than about being gay and there is a whole mystery thing going on that they get sucked up into, but the best part about this book was the interplay between the two guys. Snappy dialogue, completely snarky and sarcastic and exactly what I love. They truly were best friend, knew everthing (well mostly) about each other and accepted each other with a heavy dose of banter. Excellent. I'd love to see them have some more adventures.

Larry Fletcher Checks out of the Heartbreak Hotel by D.G. Parker (35 pages)

Larry's in Vegas to support his BF who is getting married, by Elvis no less. After the wedding Elvis asks him out and they end up in a casino where Elvis gives him some money and non-gambler Larry has a blast losing it all. Then they go into the dessert and Larry talks a bit about his break-up with his ex and Elvis tells him to get over it and gives him a little incentive. Larry wakes up in the dessert alone and his friends find him and he's ready to start over. I had issues. Ummm, I have problems with guys with freakishly huge organs and guys who take it with apparently no problem. And he left him in the freaking desert!!! I've watched CSI, that's dangerous even if he did tell the friends where to find him. It was just kind of weird and obviously there was no love story between Elvis and Larry (I'm pretty sure his name's not Elvis) and was more of an anonymous fuck that got Larry's self-confidence back. So I didn't hate it, didn't love it. There was some funny parts that made me smile though.

Eye of the Beholder by Jade Falconer (45 pages)

So I did a little shopping at Phaze books at 30% off. Very nearly passed this by because why in the hell is there a woman on the cover? I checked the blurb and no woman in the book. In fact maybe there as one gallery woman who had 2 lines and that's it. Huh? Anyway, rant done. Ben is in construction and is hired to renovate a gallery where Victor will be showing his work. Ben harrasses Victor about smoking and Victor decides to make Ben's life miserable just for fun (because he's a little shit basically). Due to his demands Ben has to work late and Victor hangs out to watch. One things leads to another and well, the usual. The day of the show Ben freaks when Victor tries to display a nude of him (he could lose his job if people knew he was gay) and they have a tiff. They eventually have a HEA and more paintings are created. I found Victor to be pretty annoying and he just liked to push buttons for the hell of it, but it seems that Ben kind of liked the results of having his buttons pushed so while that type of relationship has way to much drama for me, it worked for them and on the whole they were likable enough characters who likely deserved each other. :-)

Dancing in the Dark by Jenna Byrnes (69 pages)

Another Phaze book. Nick is a vice detective who has been having a fling with a hustler named Will (Squeak on the street) for months. He decides he wants more and trys to convince Will to give up the life but he's not interested although they declare their love for each other. There is also a serial killer picking off prostitutes and he's now moved on to men. Finally after an argument about Will quitting they don't talk for awhile. Then Will goes missing and Nick has to help find him (he's alive but injured at the end). Then Will says he wants to deal with his problems and get off the streets and marry Nick (hard to do in NY yet). I thought it kind of wrapped up in a neat bow a little quickly at the end but besides that I liked the characters and wanted them to have a HEA. As an aside, while I like the "pretty woman" story as much as the next, I always think in the back of my head "oh yeah, one day during a fight he's going to throw up the fact that you were a whore and its going to get ugly". But I'll pretend that love conquers all.

Cold Hands, Warm ... by Jade Falconer (20 pages)

Billy is stuck at the university for a long weekend and a snow storm no less. He barely knows his roommate because they have diff schedules but seems Paul's work is closed due to the storm and they are the only two left in the dorm. Billy's not sure about Paul but knows he's cute. They decide to watch a movie and it gets cold so they get under a blanket. Paul's never been with a guy but think Billy's cute and Billy definitely wants Paul. Sort of a typical young relationship, subtle moves, getting close during a scary movie leading to more when Paul admit he does like guys (or this guy) and they go "all the way". Its only 20 pages and takes place over 3-4 hours but I really liked the characters and it was a sweet story of two guys getting together. I thought Paul accepted going for a guy pretty quickly since it seemed he'd never considered it before. Oh, there was some head hopping perspective which usually I don't mind but a few times I was confused a bit, but not a big deal.

At the Edge by Marty Rayne (30 pages)

Michael is going through a bit of a slump with his older lover Todd so jumps at the chance for an all expense paid trip to NYC with some friends. Also seems he told Todd about his fantasy of being tied up before he left and it got a huge fat non-response. He decides to leave the club early and go back to his room. When he enters he's grabbed and tied up and gagged by someone. Then suddenly Todd is there and admits that he set it all up and did some research to make Michael's fantasy come true. Seems Todd has a fantasy too, a threesome. Michael's best friend comes back to the hotel to check o him and seems Todd had it set that he'd be the third. Much kinky fun ensues and both guys get their fantasy fulfilled and revitalize their relationship realizing they are really in love. Its not really clear if the BF is out of the picture. The deal is one time then we forget but you get the impression that might not be true. It was a hot little story but I think there is a big difference between a fantasy that involves two people (bondage) and one that brings in a third person out of the blue. I've never heard of anyone breaking up because their spouse tied them to the bed once, but because they fucked the BF? Yeah, more than enough. But for this story it was hot.

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