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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Last Catch Up Post - I swear I'll be good.

Okay and off we go again.

Midnight Sun by G.S. Wiley (27 pages)

Jeremy is a Dr. who has gone to Nunavut to work in a remote community. Holy Hell!!!! Nunavut? This is a first. Okay, seems Jeremy had a long term relationship with fellow Dr. Rashid who gave into his mother's demands and got married and dumped Jeremy. Its the day of Jeremy's receptionist's wedding and who rolls into town (more difficult that it sounds when you live in Nunavut) but Rashid. Seems he's left his wife and is too gay to fake it even for his Pakistani mother. Jeremy's not sure he wants to pick things up or not and they live thousands of km apart but they decide to live for today and leave the future open. Interesting for a story set in an unusual location.

Timeless by Patric Michael (87 pages)

Nathan and Andy have been friends 4 evah but Andy is straight and Nathan never really thought about anything more but Andy always stuck up for Nathan in school and with anyone else. Years Nathan agrees to go on a mini-vacatio with Andy to his cousin's wedding. At the wedding to scare off a persistent woman Nathan kisses Andy and woah, Andy kisses him back. Seems Andy's not as straight as he thought and they get together but Andy's kind of skittish about coming out and being a couple. So a story of how their relationship went through the years and confessing their feelings to each other.

Then and Now by Clare London (35 pages)

Kind of two parallel stories. It takes place at a family engagement party where Ned (in his 40's) is kind of tired of happy couples and still mourning the death of his very best friend (its implied he loved him but it wasn't reciprocated). He has a discussion in the kitchen with Thom, his friend's son that kind of hints that Thom knows about Ned and that he should just go for it and Ned basically says its too late for me but don't let it hold you back. Lots of dancing around the subject. Then the second half is Thom and Alex, his ex that he left to care for his dying father. They have a little interlude in the downstairs loo (half-bath we call it here which triggered a whole post on Jenre's blog) and Thom agrees to take Ned's advice and go for it with Alex. A great little story about two guys with different destinies perhaps. Although seriously Ned, you're only in your freaking 40's not 80's. Get out there and get looking.

The Escort by Sonja Spencer (53 pages)

This is an IR story (since this came up on Wave's blog today I thought I'd point it out). My biggest complaint? The two guys' names were too similar and I sometimes got them mixed up. Anyway, Lamont is going to the Carib for his friend's wedding and he just KNOWS they are going to try and set him up so he gets the name of an escort Landon (see?) and takes him along as his new lover. They have instant chemistry but Lamont tries to remember that he's paying the guy to be all lovey and its not real. The night of the wedding he gets wasted and make a play for Landon which goes badly after he offers to pay extra. Eeek. He freaks and tells his friend and confesses it Landon is an escort and he screwed up. They go back home and Lamont breaks down and calls Landon to confess he wants him forever.

Take a Chance on Me by Sasha Skye (49 pages)

Aiden is at a wedding when he sees the wedding planner Devyn and is smitten but totally clams up around the guy. Aiden's current roommate/best friend (famous football player) decides to set them up and uses the upcoming wedding of Aiden's sister as an excuse to get them to meet. They hit it off and end up going on a date. Its basically a story about Aiden and Devyn getting to know each other with a bit of coming out to his friend (who already knew duh) and Devyn's acceptance by Aiden's family. So it was really just a nice relationship story that I enjoyed.

Promise of the Heart by Chrissy Munder (45 pages)

Jacob was a famous fashion photog who was nearly killed in a car crash (his lover was killed - they hit each other) and took nearly 2 years to recover but still freaks when he gets behind a camera. His friend convinces him to do a wedding shoot for him and who is in the wedding party? Alan, his old lover that he treated badly while living the high life to run off with a model. Seems Jacob learned his lesson and realizes what an ass he was and still loves Alan. He continues on with the shoot getting back into the saddle and has the chance to try and explain things to Alan and maybe get a second chance. A good little short.

Paradise by Ariel Tachan (58 pages)

Another IR story. Jon gets roped into going to the bar with his colleagues to celebrate a big project. He hates it but almost immediately meets Samuel and they take off to go and talk. Samuel is cotent to take their relationship VERY slow and doesn't want to just jump into bed and then have it be over. They get to know each other and gradually take it all the way. While I don't have a problem with falling into bed within minutes, its nice to see another side. Not that they didn't do anything but were in no rush. Later there is some conflict when Jon goes to Samuel's college reunion (a black college) and some of his friends have trouble accepting that Samuel would be with a white guy. Samuel takes the chance to explain more about his background and how those black guys were his support and where they are coming from. A lovely story about getting to know each other and getting past one of those obstacles that some IR couples face. But no big angst or drama, just a nice story. (As I've said, "nice" is good.)

For as Long as We Both Shall Live by Zahra Owens (44 pages)

TJ is sitting in the chapel of the hospital when Helen approaches him. She's a pastor there and offers to listen. Seems TJ's parter Joe is having surgery for some tangle of blood vessels in his brain and may not make it. They've been together since forever. Helen suggests they get married before the surgery and TJ and Paul agree. Paul's parents are there and have always supported them when TJ's parents tossed him out. The surgery is more or less a success and Helen keeps in touch with them and there is a story of her marriage being on the rocks too. It was a really sweet story and you could really feel TJ's fear about what would happen if Joe died. Ejoyable if a bit sad at the beginning.

Always a Bridesmaid by Nicki Bennett (37 page)

Jack has been in a 756 weddings (more or less) and can't find love himself. He agrees one more time for his best friend Trey. They are kind of vague about the maid of honor Morgan. Turns out the maid of honor is a guy and cute and gay. They have a real connection but live in completely different parts of the country but they decide to give it a try. A nice little story and you could feel the attraction between the two guys.

There, I'm done. Sigh. And exhausted. Excuse any spelling errors, grammar, etc. I'm just too pooped to go back and check it all.

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