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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Pressure is on for me to Update - and I'm so far behind its scary

Okay, I haven't updated in almost a month and I've read tons of those wedding shorts so it may look like I've done not a lick of work at the office or home but I have, well a bit anyway. So I'm going to have to do this in a few waves. Here's the first set.

Deep Cover by Clare London (16 pages)

Recommended by Wave and Jenre, I went and tracked it down. A hot little story with a ton packed into 16 pages. At first I hated the "fiance" but she was smarter than she appeared but my big question was how the hell did the guy get into the cellar? Hot though and as I said, a pretty complete story in super short format which is quite the skill.

Never Let Go by Jourdan Lane (35 pages)

I've read so many books I forget names but basically its two best friends who manage to finally let it be known they care. When Devon (I think) the porn photographer shakes hands with one of his clients (i.e. BJ) and gets caught. He changes his life and tries to convince his BFF to give it another try. The only thing I didn't like much was the female BF who reads tarot cards. Seemed like she was being a bit of a busy body then getting her feelings hurt and crying when he got annoyed with her. Well duh. But on the whole it was a good read, I like Jourdan's writing although I never really felt all that sorry for porno boy.

Hell Cop 2 by Astrid Amara, Nicole Kimberling and Ginn Hale (241 pages)

I'm not going to go into detail, it is three shorter stories which intertwine and continue on the stories of Hell Cop. I love this world and the three Hell Cops in question. Astrid Amara's story with Brian and Jay is my favourite. I love them all but for some reason I connect with that one the most. Anyway, it was great and if you like paranormals with smokin' hot men (literally) I say get Hell Cop 1 and 2.

Dragon's Kiss by Ally Blue (44 pages)

With only 44 pages Ally set quite the world up. Post global warming, everything gone to hell in a handbasket and reverting back to a more basic primitive world with lots of superstition and zenophobia. Bear and Lynx find Dragon trespassing on their land. Having sex with anyone outside your tribe is punishable by death (holy crap) but Bear is drawn to Dragon as they are both curious about the old world (also punishable by death - double crap). They quickly decide to set off on their own risking cannibals and other dangers to be together. As I said, for 44 pages a lot was packed in their on top of the relationship. I'd love to read more about them and the world created.

Cultivating Love by Addison Albright (120 pages)

Honestly? I hate this cover. Sorry but they seem way older than the 25 or so in the book. But cover aside, I really like this author's style. The two characters are very unique. Both tough guys who despite being together 2.5 years have never said I love you or given each other a blow job but they do love each other. One inherits a farm from the father he thought was dead and they set off to start a new life in a small town. There is some conflict with secod guys family who kind of tossed him when he came out and some anti-gay sentiment in town, but basically its two guys kind of realizing that they have something special and need to make sure they let the other know it. A really nice read (which is not a negative thing - sometimes "nice" is exactly what you need).

Cheek to Cheek by Chris Owen (121 pages)

Set in the 911 world it starts the day of Drew's accident (the 911 guys make a few cameos). Mal breaks up with his GF of 6 or 7 years and picks up a guy in a gay bar. Next day guess who Drew's replacement is? Will. They decide to not date but just get together. HAHAHAHA (that's called dating) Anyway, there is some issue with Will's brother because Will is black and Mal isn't. There is the fire fighter charity talent show where Mal always danced with his GF and loe and behold Will is also a dancer. I heard it commented that Mal's good relationship with his ex was unrealistic but to be honest it reminded me of mine with my ex so I didn't find it unusual. On the whole a good read although I'm not a dancer so some of that went over my head. No biggie though.

Chasing Smoke by K.A. Mitchell (190 pages)

A combination of murder mystery cold case and childhood friends 10 years later (or many - not sure its 10). David goes home to help his mother pack up the house after his step-father's death and due to a break-in ends up seeing Trey again many years later. Trey lived with his family in high school after his Dad went to jail for murdering his mother. Trey and David never believed he did it. David's BF is pressuring him to buy a house so he's escaped a bit to the home town. So there is the twin stories of David and Trey trying to solve not only the break-ins to his mother's house but the old murder along with rediscovering each other as Trey didn't want to admit he was gay back then. I felt sorry for David's BF who showed up on Christmas and basically clued in that it was over, but on the whole I really like this author's style so it was an enjoyable read and Trey and David were hot.

Car Wash By Shawn Lane (115 pages)

Kevin lost his job and is stuck working at the car wash when Michael pulls in. Michael was his best friend's older brother who rejected Kevin he was 15. Now he sees that Kev is hot stuff and asks him out. Michael is a very successful lawyer and starts fixing Kevin's life, pays his rent, gets his boss off his back, gets him a new job and gets Kevin's back up (undestandably - I'd be pissed). After a bit of fight they end up reconciling. My only complaint (besides Michael's high-handedness but that was his character) was he has't seen Kevin in 10 years and within min. seems to want to have Kevin move in and is madly in love. Sure you knew him as a kid but exactly that, he was a kid. Also that Kevin didn't seem to get that a 21 year old wouldn't go for a 15 year old. Ever heard of statutory rape Kev? So there were a couple of things that kind of rankled but not enough to turn me off the book.

Blind Desire by I.D. Locke (127 pages)

I would likely never have bought this in 100 years but I read a glowing review by Emmy and she was right. It was funny and hot and a great read. Quinn is blind but can see auras (and weilds a mean cane). Ryzel is an incubus. Quinn attacks him in an alley thinking he's attacking someone and Ryzel is immediately attracted because Quinn's abilities make him extra tasty. Quinn is the most prickly surly guy ever and rebuffs Ryzel but eventually gives in and hot smexin' ensues. There is a whole substory of them being destined and Ryzel being the son of the chief Prince demon (or something like that) and them working out being together and getting past Quinn's prickly exterior. But it was pretty amusing and I liked it muchly.

Okay, first column of books I've read done. Two or more plus the yaoi to go. Sigh.


Addison Albright said...

Hi Tam! Aw, I liked the cover, but you're not the only one who's dissed it. Glad you liked the story, though! :-D

Tam said...

Well crap, now I feel bad. Sorry. :-) Too much armpit too. Not my thing. LOL

Addison Albright said...

LOL. Don't be sorry--I didn't make the cover. Yeah, the complaints do seem to be all arm related. ;)