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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

High Scores - The winner is ....

So one day, for no apparent reason, I decided to see which authors I have given the highest ratings on Goodreads. I decided I had to have rated at least 8 books, because just having one book with 5 stars skews things. So everyone on my list I've read at least 8, possibly more depending on the author if they had something in an anthology or a freebie somewhere I may have missed.

So who are my high scorers? (in ascending order) *drum roll*

Amy Lane - 10 books - 4.0 average

Lynn Lorenz - 12 books - 4.0 average

  Josh Lanyon - 18 books - 4.05 average

 James Buchanan - 8 books - 4.12 average

K.A. Mitchell - 8 books - 4.12 average

 Eden Winters - 8 books - 4.12 average
 KZ Snow - 16 books - 4.31 average
 Sean Kennedy - 11 books - 4.36 average

 Jordan Castillo Price - 32 books - 4.43 average

So what does this mean? Nothing much I suppose, but I think my scores line up pretty securely with authors who have a reputation for being superior writers. Oddly enough all of the stories I used covers from  have not been added to my scores yet. In fact I've only read one of them. Must get on that.


Chris said...

Oh, interesting. I strongly suspect that my ratings would shake out similarly. :)

Tam said...

Unfortunately GR does not make it easy to get this info. You actually have to add them together manually. :-) But I think these authors are well respected for a reason, so it makes sense that they would be my high scorers.

Josephine Myles said...

Ooh, I think you've got all my favourites there :D

The only one I haven't read so far is Lynn Lorenz, and I'd have to agree that the rest are all fabulous writers.

Tam said...

Lynn was my frist every m/m author, so she holds a bit of a special place in my heart. :-)

K. Z. Snow said...

Holy crap, I made it onto a list!

Tam said...

You're always on MY list baby. ;-)

Bronze medal position, not too shabby.

K. Z. Snow said...

Aww . . . *smooch*