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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Random Stuff Again

So we finally got our tree up on the weekend. Whew. Of course the new string of lights I bought was the wrong type so I had to get dressed Sunday morning and go and get another string which seemed to come with a wreath, tree topper and bows. :-D Ooops. I think it looks good, although we can't use tinsel or we just have to run around dragging it out of the cats' mouths. Not healthy for them.

What else is going on? (Click on the pictures)

Go to Cocky and Rude and check out Michelle's "12 Days of Whatever". I'm riding a reindeer y'all!

There is also the voting going on for the readers' choice awards at the m/m group on Goodreads. Click on the button below to take you to a VERY long poll. I'm actually amazed how many of the books nominated I HAVEN'T read. It's crazy. So many books, not enough time.

You can win a copy of I'll be home for Christmas by Alex Whitehall over at Brief Encounters. Jenre reviewed it here. It's an historical Christmas romance. Stop by and leave a comment.

Dreamspinner is having lots of goodies for the next 12 days. 
  • Dec. 20 - 30% off all historicals
  • Dec. 21 - Free copy of Infected: Prey by Andrea Speed
  • Dec. 22 - 30% off all Westerns
  • Dec. 23 - Free copy of Bounty of Love by Scotty Cade
  • Dec. 24 - 30% off all Mystery Suspense
Looks like some good deals there. I'm definitely picking up the Bounty of Love and will check out some mysteries.

I should be finishing my shopping today. Knock on wood. Both things I need to get are in stores about a block or two from where I have a meeting at lunch so my plan is to go 20 min early, run and pick them up and then be FINISHED! Except for wrapping.

Hope everyone is having a great week and are nearly final prep for the holiday if you celebrate.


GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

Cute Tree Tam!! It would be super cute with your secret santa gifts underneath.

Chris said...

Lovely tree!! Eh, tinsel's a pain, anyway - you'd be finding it until next Christmas if you didn't have the cats...

Who knew you went reindeer riding?!

Tam said...

Thanks Talita. Hopefully we get our gifts soon. :-( It's always a pain because we are in Canada and it takes FOREVER.

It is Chris, but it looks Christmassy, but I don't need cat abdominal surgery added on to my Christmas expenses. We Canadians are experts at Reindeer riding. :-)

Tam said...

Oh and I did NOT get my shopping finished because the stupd Bay does not carry what I needed and I have to go to Sears which was at the FAR end of the mall and I had a meeting in 5 min. Grrrr. Hopefully I can quickly get it at the Sears near my house. Sigh. I had high hopes I would finish at lunch.

Jenre said...

Definitely getting there with the Christmas stuff!

I'm in two minds about the Scotty Cade book. On one hand it's FREE and on the other it sounds a bit grim. We'll see. I don't want to just get it and have it languish forever in my TBR pile.

Tam said...

I remember not being sure either Jen and I see it was Tracy who reviewed it and said it was well done despite the set-up. So I'll definitely give it a go, as long as I don't forget to pick it up. Which could very well happen.

LAST GIFT BOUGHT!!!!!! We are supposed to get freezing rain all day tomorrow and the idea of hitting the store Friday was not appealing so I made a point of going after work, got the last gift and now I am finished, just need to wrap. Kid says she's not done.