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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

End of Year blah blah blah

So it's that time when everyone does their round-ups of this that and the other thing, so why should I be different right?

On the site statistics front:

The most popular post in 2011 was the one about cowboys. Naughty naughty readers. ;-)

Levi Poulter and "guys with long hair" are popular search terms. And really, why wouldn't they be?

Top 3 countries from which visitors stop by: US, Canada and UK.
Book stats as per Goodreads:

Number of books I've read (to date, may be a few more before the 31st): 444 (take into account I read a HUGE amount of short stories)

Number of pages read: 32,725 - My goal was 30,000 so I can't complain. If we translate that, it's 444 books of 73 pages each.

Ratings: The majority of the books are almost equally divided between 3 and 4 stars, 214 - 4 stars, 193 - 3 stars.

And how many 5 stars? 20 which is about 1.5 per month really. What were they you ask? I'm not saying these were necessarily my favourites, because some books I really enjoyed got 4 stars for a variety of reasons but I can only give 5 stars to so many, and I'm finding I'm more discerning as I read more. I've noticed authors are showing up more than once on my 5 star list. If you want to know what I said about these, you can find my reviews on Goodreads (aka I'm too lazy to link to all the reviews). So those books/authors were (in no particular order):

Ginn Hale - Lord of the White Hell #1 & #2 and Wicked Gentlemen

JL Merrow - Muscling Through and Hairy, Horny and Over Here

Josephine Myles - Barging In and Insta-Love

Anne Tenino - Whitetail Rock (FREE)

PD Singer - Prep Work

Jordan Castillo Price - GhosTV

KZ Snow - Mongrel

Vic Winter - Pearls Before Swine

Ryan Loveless - Off the Page

Vincent Diamond - Holding the Reins

ID Locke - Ermine & Bougainvillea

Clare London - How the Other Half Lives

Sue Brown - Prey Time

Eden Winters - The Match Before Christmas

Jay Lygon: Unbound: Bonded II

As a special mention, I am listing the last 12 Petit Morts books. I only have the pic for the last seven but it was an amazing series with great authors Jordan Castillo Price, Josh Lanyon, Sean Kennedy and Clare London. All of them were enjoyable and maybe not all of them were 5 star, but close enough for the whole series to merit a mention this year

Oh and I suppose on the publishing side, I had two of my own short published and thanks to all those who gave me support on those and are pushing me to get more submitted. Laziness, thy name is Tam.

Winterlude and The Santa Problem 


Chris said...

You had a great reading/publishing year!! I have to wait to do this until after the year's actually over, as I'm still busily reading. :)

Tam said...

I'm kind of in a slump so not sure I'll read all that much more before the end of the year. A couple of books perhaps. Jen inspired me to reread many of the Heaven Sent books so I've been enjoying Johnny and the boys.

Anonymous said...

You really had an awesome reading year! I'm not going to make my goal, but I am trying my best to get closer to it this week.

Jenre said...

According to Good Reads I've read 256 books this year, but I don't always put the shorts I read into GRs or the re-reads. I should do, I know but I'm lazy like that :). Oddly this comes to more pages than you, at 34243 altogether.

Great list of five star books! I really liked all the ones that you've got that I've read, although you've reminded me again that I really need to get GhosTV. I was waiting to do a complete re-read of the psycop books before reading that last one and it just hasn't happened *sigh*.

Chris said...

I'm in the midst of my second PsyCop series reread this year...

Tam said...

Thanks Eyre, I know you had a reading slump too, mine goes in cycles which I've discovered seems to be hormone related. I wasn't sure I'd make 30,000 pages but all the Christmas shorts we did kept me up.

Tam said...

I think you read a lot more long books than I do Jen. I can't remember the last really long book I read. I seem to be reading mostly shorts and novellas. I guess when I'm feeling the reading blahs slip in, it's not so daunting to tackle 45 pages.

I do try to record everything, although now that I think of it, I think I have a few sitting in my "read" file that I haven't entered. Not rereads, as they are usually already in there. I should make it a goal next year to read X number of longer books every month and clear out some of my TBR file.

Tam said...

I saw you were reading them Chris but I wasn't sure if it was your first time around and you'd saved them up. I remember when I read all the ones that had been published in a weekend when I first found them. :-) I think my eyes were a little cross-eyed after that marathon.

Polt said...

"Guys with long hair" should ALWAYS be a popular search topic! :)


Tam said...

I won't argue with you there, although I like short hair too. I'm an equal opportunity perv. Just no mullets.

Michelle M. said...

That's a lot of reading! I hope you do some more writing in the new year. Happy 2012 Tam!