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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thousand Word Thursday - Free Story

Eden Winters sometimes posts about the Thousand Word Thursdays at Cryselle's Bookshelf. Every Thursday she posts a pic, and invites people to write 100-1000 word stories about it. So when I saw this one I was inspired. Of course the world would come to an end if I wrote anything less than the limit, so at about 996 words, you get Late ... Again. 

Just click on the boy above and it will take you to the story. Have a great Wednesday everyone. 


Chris said...

But you didn't go over! And were you on time? ;)

Tam said...

Well, I was over by about 12 words when I finished the first draft. Which is pretty damn amazing for me. So I whittled. :-)

And I got it in before the next pic was up, so go me.

Average Reader said...

I still love that line, "The tie makes no sense." ;)

Tam said...

But they don't Val. LOL Have you ever seen a real bow-tie? Good lord. :-)