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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Update

So I should be cleaning,but hey, it's 10:00 and I've already cleaned up my living room more or less. My kid's alarm went off at 7:00 this morning and it woke me up. So wrong on a Saturday. My friend Nathan, who came and stayed with us last summer, is coming tomorrow to stay for a few days which means house cleaning. It was a last minute decision so I didn't have time to plan my cleaning. LOL I was talking to my neighbor and he is like me, he said it's a good thing people come to visit, or he'd never clean. Yep.

Our heat wave has passed and it's going to be cool for the next while, we'll coolish, low 20's C. For someone with no central air that's a good thing and I'm not complaining. Have a great weekend everyone.

Bases Loaded by Sean Michael (276 pages)
Torquere Press

Brett is a pro baseball player whose shoulder was injured and he may not play again. He's been drowning his sorrows in a bottle but his team has made arrangement for him to go to a private rehab place for several months as a kind of last chance. He just wants to play out his contract then retire. His partner Benj goes with him. Brett is surly, angry at the world and the couple who run the centre, Jean (who deals with the nutrition side) and physiotherapist Ralph have difficulty getting Brett to get with the program, especially the mental/emotional side. It's almost like two stories because there is lots of Jean and Ralph and their sex-life (it is Sean Michael of course) and then Brett and Benj, and their efforts to get their life back on track. All this is derailed by discovery of another illness requiring Brett to have brain surgery as well. Jean didn't like Brett, but I didn't mind him, even if he's surly he always treated Benj well, and Benj is kind of your typical Sean Michael twink, sweet and adorable. The thing that might make some people crazy is Jean is a Cajun and "talks" with an accent and sometimes it took me a while to get into it. It wasn't bad after awhile but at first it would kind of slow me down as I adjusted to his accent. Lots of sex, I may have skimmed some, and some angst, but really two couples madly in love, and that part is never the conflict, it's the outside force of Brett's injuries.

Becoming His by Shawn Lane
Amber Allure

I'm not going to go into too much detail here as Jenre will be reviewing this on BER in the coming weeks, however this is the continuation of Accidentally His which I reviewed. Kirk's stripper friend Toby and Elijah's bi actor brother Lucas. When they meet up on the set, Lucas finally breaks up with his girlfriend so he can pursue Toby. He thinks Toby is hot, but the whole dating a stripper while you are trying to be an actor has problems and while Lucas claims he's fine with Toby's career, yeah, not so much. While at the end Lucas promises to not bug Toby about it and that he's fine with him stripping, I just didn't buy it. Sure he says that, but could he really sacrifice his career for a relationship with a stripper? Somehow I don't see this ending well, and sometimes it's hard for me to get past my cynicism even in the romance world. :-) Toby was adorable though.

Cup Check by Stephani Hecht (100 pages)
eXtasy Books

Team Captain Kip has been attracted to young Sergei and befriended him but never said anything because he fears his chances at the NHL will be lost if he's gay. However when they run into each other at a gay bar and have angry sex in the rain in the parking lot (really?), Sergei thinks there might be something until Kip makes it clear he'll never come out and Sergei should keep his mouth shut as well. However during the play-offs against Sergei's old team (where he took a lot of awful abuse for being gay), Sergei is very badly injured and Kip finally realizes he'd rather have him than even a career in the NHL. I really liked Sergei and felt for him and all the crap he's put up with along with his parents' treatment of him for being gay. I was angry on his behalf for the abuse he took at the hands of his old team, however I would have made Kip suffer way more. No no to sex in the parking lot Sergei. Bad move hon. Bad move. But it's a sweet story set in the hockey world.


Chris said...

I was talking to my neighbor and he is like me, he said it's a good thing people come to visit, or he'd never clean. Yep.

Oh yes... :)

I commented on GRs about Becoming His, but I'm cynical about it, too. I needed more story to convince me.

Tam said...

I'm getting there. My kitchen looks like a bomb hit it because everything seems to get moved in there as I clean, but just have to vacuum the basement, put the sheets on the bed down there and clean the rabbit cage and litter box. Not bad, it's not even lunch. :-)

Yeah, I think we've all BTDT that where we make promises to do whatever to maintain a relationship, but then it's the follow-through. Maybe an epilogue X months later would have made me believe that he could get past the stripper thing.

Average Reader said...

I was talking to my neighbor and he is like me, he said it's a good thing people come to visit, or he'd never clean. Yep.

Ha, ha! I can totally relate to this. :)

Tam said...

Guess we aren't alone Val. I always envy my Mom because her house is guest ready 24/7, but then I'd rather read for those 2 hours a day she tidies and cleans. Priorities. :-)

wren boudreau said...

When Boy was little:

Hub and I are cleaning house.

Boy says: Who's coming to visit?

Tam said...

LOL That's about it Wren. :-)

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