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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Old and New

So, life is ... bleh (possibly looking up but not holding my breath). Whatever. I'm trying to maintain my "whatever" attitude. Sigh. It's a short week, what more can I want. Let's not discuss it shall we?

So what is the point of my title, and cute pic? Today I have two books. One I bought June 23, 2011 and one that was one of the oldest in my TBR file. It's been there since November 18, 2009. Wow huh? 

Fighting Chance by Viki Lyn (193 pages) [The new one]
Loose Id

This is a follow-up to Last Chance which I quite enjoyed. Corbin has been "babysitting" vampire Johan for awhile now, and giving him the serum to hopefully turn him back to a human. And hating every freaking minute of it. It pisses him off to no end, that he can't just kill Johan, and what pisses him off more is his physical attraction to him. When Corbin is selected to take a test to make him the ultimate warrior for his people, he's forced to take Johan along, and when Johan finds out Corbin's plan is to go after the vamp who killed his father, Johan insists he's going to help, even though Corbin is a miserable SOB most of the time. There's some angry sex, and Corbin's insistence that he hates Johan, and he could never be human and should die. I got a bit tired of Corbin's constant negativity. He kept on about how he couldn't have a relationship because of what he did, blah blah blah. But yet his people have babies, his father had a relationship with is mother, so what makes you so damn special, besides a chip on your shoulder? I was really feeling for Johan, and thinking he should have pushed Corbin in the pit, and gone and got himself a boyfriend who appreciates him. :-) In the end it all works out I suppose, but Corbin got a bit tiresome. I would have liked to see something happen with the mother here, since she rejected Corbin for being gay, but seems to accept his GFY brother no problem. A nice family confrontation would have been nice.

Bound And Determined  by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow (190 pages) [the old one]
Loose Id

Sterling is a young man who is pretty sure he wants to be a dom. He goes with his friend Alex to a club where he runs into his freshman English professor. He suddenly realizes he wants to be a sub, and wants Owen to train him. Owen is NOT interested. He remembers Sterling was a smart-ass student and, just that, he's a student which could be troublesome. Eventually Sterling wears him down, and he agrees with some conditions. Most of the book is Sterling figuring things out, he pushes, Owen punishes, Sterling changes tack, they fight, they make-up. While it doesn't sound like much, it was really very good, and seeing Owen's confusion about a sub he would normally kick to the curb, but he couldn't help caring about was good, along with Sterling figuring out what it all meant to him and his reasons for submission. There is lots of talking, how he felt about different acts, what he needs and wants and learning on both sides. There's no smug dom, Owen screws up a few times, as does Sterling, and his father is certainly a prize. But on the whole if you like a BDSM read (and there's not much beyond some heavy duty spanking and bondage), more on the D/s side, it's a well written book and I was happy that it all worked out for them, despite their issues.


Average Reader said...

Very interesting reviews! One of the many reasons I don't much like BDSM fiction (and I'm not referring to Bound and Determined because I haven't read it) is a tendency for the characters to pompously discuss every facet of their relationship like lawyers drawing up a contract. I mean, I guess they have to be clear on the rules, but still ...it's hard to do well in fiction.

Tracy said...

You're right, Corbin from Fighting Chance sounds like a miserable SOB. I hate when I don't like one of the characters and want the love interest to go find someone they can be happy with. *sigh* why don't they listen to me? lol

The other book sounds good but I've not been too into BDSM books lately so it will have to wait.

Thanks for your thoughts. Hope life gets better for you! :)

Tam said...

There was lots of talking Val, but it was more like "What did you like about that or dislike and how did it feel when I did X?" so that the Dom could adapt the activities rather than just "assume" he knew the guy liked something or not. And he tried to figure out WHY he wanted to be a sub and what he got out of it, rather than some kind of "inate" thing that he just knew. So while there was lots of discussion it was more natural and worked in this case. I think if he had just been "I know what you like" it would have been off-putting.

Tam said...

He was miserable and whiney Tracy, and refused to budge from his rigid black and white view of the world, even when the gray was smacking him upside the head. He did come around, but at one point I was so frustrated with his almost childish behaviour, I wasn't sure I wanted him to. :-)

You definitely need to be in a D/s mood, if not completely BDSM, to enjoy the second since it's alot about the headspace.

Jenre said...

Ooh, I loved Bound and Determined! Now I want to re-read but I don't have time :).

I read Last Chance and enjoyed it, but I'm not feeling the love for Fighting Chance. Maybe if I get in the mood for a vamp book.

Tam said...

I did enjoy it Jen. If you are in the mood for vamps there is lots of good stuff about the fight against the one who killed his father and the different types of vamps (some turn into half-man/half-ow, some into snakes, etc.) and the big climax battle scene is very good, but I just go a bit tired of Corbin's constant negative attitude about everything.

Chris said...

I feel like smacking Corbin and I haven't even read the book! Hmm.

Loved Bound & Determined. :)

I hope that the blehs pass soon...

Tam said...

The boy had issues Chris. He did redeem himself and saved Johan's life, but he was almost grudging about it all. Major major chip.