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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Celebratory Saturday!

So last night was a very special night for many of my friends. NY State passed the same sex marriage bill, and now ANYONE can get married (if they are crazy enough ;-) I kid, I kid. It's great that it's an option for anyone who wants it. Choices are always good. Congrats to those of you who fought so hard, getting the word out, phoning your senators and bringing world-wide attention to the fight. Y'all did great and I'm proud of you. May other states follow in NY's foot steps.

Oh and I believe Sweet Corn also got voted official state vegetable. Big shout out to corn on the cob!

Except for the good news about NY, I've been kind of blah. Feeling down. Ick. Work is not going well these days, and I'm feeling a bit under-appreciated. It will get better I know but for right now it kind of sucks and means sleep issues. Plus the pouring rain the last couple of days haven't helped. I did get some reading done though.

Unchaste by Mia Watts (68 pages)
Resplendence Publishing

Flynn is a native American shifter who feels compelled to check out wood henge which was supposedly built by his ancient ancestors. While there, something weird happens and he wakes to find himself the captive of two native warriors. At first he thinks it's a gag, but soon realizes he has gone back in time and that he's in a society ruled by a high priest who is a shifter. They two men talk about "testing" him, and it becomes clear that the high priest must be gay and there is a test to see if he can be aroused by women, and the current high priest in training is a bad guy who gets off on creating tension and blood shed. Both Koda and Amara were childhood friends who are now in conflict over power, however both believe it's their task by the jobs to keep Flynn chaste before the test. Little do they realize he's as gay as they come and this is right up his alley and he soon realizes that it's up theirs as well, although their culture doesn't allow for gay warriors. After the big show-down with the bad guy, Flynn decides to defy convention and take the two men as his spouses rather than the bevy of twinks that are usually reserved for priests. This is kind of a wild twist on time travel and shifters and menage. It's very sexy and each character was quite distinct. I found Amara a bit of an ass, but he came around, especially once he accepted his desire for Koda and Flynn. If you're in the mood for something sexy and a bit different a good choice.

Telling the Truth by Lee Brazil (72 pages)
Breathless Press

This is book two in the Truth or Dare series. While I enjoyed much of Keeping House, the insta-love kind of ruined the ending for me. This book does not suffer that. And oh, lookey here, me and menage again ... wheee. Dex and Trick, twin friends of Mischa from book 1, have caught the eye of older brother Terry. He's recently admitted he's gay, but is far too shy to act on his attraction to the two whom he sees often at Mischa's house, but when Mischa recommends he find a gay bar and check out the action, he ends up running into them, and it seems the twins have been hot for him as well. They have a great night and are thrilled that Terry wants them both, however when leaving in the morning are confronted by older brother Brandon who tells them to get out, and threatens to reveal their secret. Even though Terry tried to contact them, they decide it's best to just stay away causing much distress on all sides as Trick falls into a depression due to the threats. This is twincest, although they don't "do it" all the way. I know that's not everyone's cup of tea, but I did like both guys even if there was the typically fragile optimistic twin with his more jaded brother watching over him, and I was glad that Terry gave his brother hell for what he said. You also find out about the child Mischa and his BF adopted and that he's older and has special needs, which makes the all too sweet ending in book 1, much more palatable. So while I know this book won't be for everyone, I still enjoyed the author's style, a bit of humour and the fact that Terry had known the twins for 6 months before they got together made the fact that they moved quickly after that seem more acceptable.


Jenre said...

Yay for NY!

Sorry you're feeling blah. I appreciate you even if RL work doesn't :).

I've got Keeping House on my TBR pile and I really ought to get on with it. I've been hankering for a m/m/m recently so I may well get the sequel too. Thanks for the review :)

Tam said...

If you can deal with the insta-love, Keeping House was good, but I think this one was a bit better as it didn't all happen in a week.

Thanks for the appreciation. :-)

Chris said...

I wish the MN legislature would pay attention to NY!

Hmm. Maybe I'll actually try Telling the Truth... I know, shocking!

Sorry you're feeling blah. :( All of our dreary rainy weather has me feeling kind of blah, too.

Tam said...

That would be good if a few others paid attention Chris. I think with small states like Vermont people kind of disregarded them as so small, but NY has size and power going for it. It can make people look up and take notice.

It was good, part of Terry's personality is that he's methodical and doesn't leap before he looks and looks and looks, so you didn't get the insta-love love thing, and it wasn't as twincesty as some. :-)