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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yay, it's Paranormal Friday

It's been a crazy week. Hard to believe I was freezing my ass off in Chicago Tuesday and now I'm freezing it off back home. Sigh. It's supposed to get warmer, relatively speaking. We'll see. Busy weekend, time to put up the tree, we're going to some Charlie and the Chocolate Factory play on Saturday and Sunday is riding lessons again way out in the country. They do have the cutest kittens who like to walk on my netbook and type. Maybe I'll get a hit book out of them like the monkeys.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Stud by Brigit Zahara (73 pages)
eXtasy Books

Sasha is a high priced prostitute (who still works the street?) who gets picked up by mysterious Kyan who offers him $5000 for the night. He has the night of his life, but little does he realize that Kyan is a vamp and that he has chosen Sasha (fate has chosen?) to be his mate and does a little drinking, but not enough to turn Sasha. Meanwhile, one of Sasha's regulars, whom he doesn't really care for, is sure they are soul mates and is furious that Sasha turned him down for hottie Kyan and sets out to wreak his revenge, including attacking another prostitute. This was an okay read, but it mentions that all these guys coming to pick up men are rich, drive nice cars and are hot. Umm. If they are that great wouldn't they be able to get it for free, or if they want to pay I think they'd be using a reputable agency, not some possibly diseased stranger off the street. There was also a case of everyone being the most, Sasha the most beautiful, most talented prostitute on the block, Kyan the most handsome, most rich, most amazing lover (and vampire), the client the most evil, most demented jerk. And while Sasha's starting to weary of the life on the street, he's quick to grab Kyan's offer of forever more, after about 5 min. Oh and I think he had something like six or nine orgasms the night before. Wow. I will say it was an okay read but nothing that really stuck in my head for very long and is good for a quick read when you are in the mood for a vamp.

Delany's Catch by Diana Dericci (74 pages)
Purple Sword

Jake runs a book store and one morning, Delaney, who runs a body guard company, comes in to ask directions and is instantly smitten. It’s soon revealed that Delaney is a wolf shifter, and he realizes immediately that Jake is his mate, however he doesn’t want to freak him out. Jake has been celibate since his ex left him three years ago but is equally drawn to the hotness that is Del who commits to going slowly and not freaking Jake out with the shifter stuff. Things are going well for a couple of months, when he invites Jake to his family/pack BBQ. When one of the kids gets trapped in the forest in his wolf form, the truth comes out and Jake doesn’t take it very well, and Delaney retreated into a bottle unless his secretary kicks his ass. I do find I have a penchant for shifter stories. So sue me. J But I like the whole mate scenario and yes, the characters were pretty stereotypical - book geek, ex-army bodyguard. I liked that Del tried to be patient; he didn’t do the claiming thing because he wanted Jake to like him first, although by hiding it he obviously screwed up. So it’s an enjoyable read without much angst save for the short separation which is handled pretty quickly once Del sobers up. If you're in the mood for a shifter it's worth checking out. This is the second book I've read by this author and she has an easy to read enjoyable style for me.


Average Reader said...

Hmmm,very interesting! I'm with you on this,

all these guys coming to pick up men are rich, drive nice cars and are hot. Umm. If they are that great wouldn't they be able to get it for free, or if they want to pay I think they'd be using a reputable agency, not some possibly diseased stranger off the street.

I mean, hookers on the street? The reality has got to be pretty grim, so I just can't buy into the weird Pretty Woman (as in the Julia Roberts movie) standard fantasy that these stories offer. So I might give the shifter story a try, but I'm not so sure about the prostitute story.

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Kittens on your netbook? Eeek!

Oh I love geeky bookish mates and big strong shifter stereotypes. :D

Thanks for the reviews and good luck keeping warm this weekend.

Jenre said...

I see we had reviewer mind meld on the first one, Tam, lol! I also wondered why Sasha was still on the streets if he was such a sought after hooker.

The shifter one is not calling my name either, which is probably a good job given that I keep adding to my TBR pile :).

Tam said...

Generally I like the "Pretty Woman" scenario Val, but this one was just so unrealistic I couldn't accept that it would work that way and there is pretty much no character development (it takes place over a 48 hour period) but it reminds me of how people imagine that life to be and while I'm not all about gritty realism, I'm pretty sure street hustlers aren't making $300 for a blow job.

Tam said...

But kittens are so cute Miranda. :-) They just wanted to write a best seller. Although if they'd peed I likely would have had a fit (my own fault LOL).

Some romance stereotypes are a good thing. :-)

Tam said...

I probably would have found it more believable if Sasha had been running his business (such as it is) from a website or some kind of agency, thus reinforcing the "I'm so great I have special clientele" rather than picking up guys on the street. I would think most guys picking up street hustlers are looking to pay $20 not $200+. I've read the "Pretty Woman" stories as Val noted and enjoyed them, but I found this one to be just a bit too unbelievable. Not horrible, but not really my cup of tea either.

I think the second one will appeal to some but not all. Definite tropes that not everyong goes for.

Chris said...

The first one... no. The second one... maybe. Altho... what the hell with the publisher name?! O.o

Anonymous said...

The second does sound like it has possibilities.

I hope you're having a great weekend, Tam.

Tam said...

I'd never heard of them until I read a Christmas short I'll be reviewing this week either Chris. They don't have very many books on the sight so I think they are pretty new on the scene. They refer to themselves as Romantic Speculative Fiction so I guess lots of swords and sorcerers, who are purple?

Tam said...

If you like the shifter/mates trope Eyre it was pretty well done. But I know some people are kind of over that, however it still works for me now and then.

So far so good. Well, I got my grocery shopping done and turkeys were half price. Woohoo. Luckily I have a large freezer in my garage so my Christmas turkey is purchased. Did see a bad accident near my house which I phoned 911 about, well, I saw the aftermath and when I saw the blood on the girls face I called since no one was there yet. Scary. She seemed okay though. Just need to get my tree going here. I hate hauling all the stuff up from the basement. This is when I'd appreciate a man around the house. :-)

Tracy said...

Stud was ok. It was a little odd. The beautiful/rich thing threw me off as well.

Oh, you know I like shifters too - I'll have to look up Delaney's Catch - thanks!

Chris said...

I'm reading the publisher's name euphemistically. :)

Tam said...

That's it Tracy, it wasn't bad, it was just had a few oddities which made it less than it could have been. Delaney's Catch was fun.

Oh my Chris. Warning to publishers/authors, search urban dictionary before you choose a name. LOL

Chris said...

Seriously. Also, I'm worried about your innuendo detector, Tam, that you didn't catch that one! ;p

Tam said...

:-P I was thinking more the cockring was just a bit too tight.

Lily said...

I always thought being a high priced prostitute meant not having to work the streets anymore. Sounds okay but nothing to rush off to get right away. The second... meh?

Hope you had a great Saturday and keep warm!!

Tam said...

You'd think Lily. Freezing rain this morning. Ugh. Must finish decorating the tree too today.