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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekend Update

I haven't read as much as I normally do lately, been piddling around with some other stuff, but I thought I better update or I'll fall behind.

In Hot Pursuit by Kate McMurray (160 pages)

Noah, a closeted NYC cop is on the verge of burnout. His partner of 6 years was murdered by a guy coming after him and he's been working non-stop on the case for over a year, had a fall-out with his partner's parents and life sucks. His boss sends him on a mandatory 2 weeks vacation to his time-share in Tampa. The first night he hits a gay bar and has sex in the bathroom with Harry. When Harry is on the news as missing and not just a random guy but a prominent gay business man, Noah feels compelled to tell the police what he knows and soon gets sucked into the investigation in a budget strapped Tampa. Harry manages to escape his kidnappers but they then have to figure out who it was and why as he hides out in Noah's hotel. I quite enjoyed this and it was interesting how all this craziness finally triggered Noah to deal with the death of his partner which he hadn't really and to admit that he had to move on. He felt very attached to Harry very quickly and maybe it was too fast but I liked how it ended with them taking time to get to know each other and dealing with the long-distance issue. I thought the kidnappers motive was whack but I guess that's why they are called crazy person. I really liked Ruiz, the Tampa detective who "recruited" Noah. She was tough but sensible. So I would recommend this as a good police drama with some hot smexin' tossed in. :-)

Lights and Sirens by Stephani Hecht (90 pages)

ER Nurse Lucas is not thrilled to be celebrating his birthday. He's tired of one night stands and two years ago his birthday sucked hardcore. He also made a pass at straight man-slut Matt and now feels doubly awkward that he's alienated his friend who's been madly crushing on. That night at the bar he gets hammered and Matt drags him home and admits he's attracted to Lucas but won't do anything when he's drunk. Lucas is still sure Matt's just being nice but eventually the get together then just when Matt finally admits Lucas is the guy for him, he nearly loses him in an attack in the ER. I liked that this was not really a GFY so much as a gay again. Matt confesses to a gay relationship when he was a teen, so I think that made it more realistic and also that he and Lucas were friends made the speed they moved make total sense. I was so happy to see Lucas and Matt get their HEA and there was lots of funny lines in there, poor Lucas shouldn't drink and dance. And I nearly squeed when I saw the dedication. Thanks Stephani, I'm honoured to have been one of the readers able to browbeat inspire you to write Matt and Lucas' story

You will Fall in Love by Hinkako Takanaga (193 pages)

Haru, a recent college grad got a job as a substitute teacher at a private school. The first day he sees the younger brother (now 18) of his old high school friend Reichiro. Haru and Rei used to do archery together but upon graduation Haru couldn't stand being in love with his friend so disappeared with out a trace. When Tsukasa sees him, he quickly admits that he was always in love with Haru who puts him off saying that it will interfere with Tsukasa's archery training, but he vows to prove him wrong by winning the championship. At the tournament Rei shows up and is stunned to find Haru and also confesses he loves him but by then Haru and Tsukasa are together and after some minor BM, they end up together. I quite enjoyed this as it really had a story behind it, why Haru had disappeared and he and Tsukasa (the aggressor) getting to know each other as adults with the love triangle of Rei thrown in. Not so graphic on the smexin as some but stronger on story which is good.

You will Drown in Love by Hinkako Takanaga (193 pages)

This is Reichiro's story and kind of runs in parallel to the last one. Rei has been assigned to the manager of one of his family's kimono stores. Jinnai (I like that name) is 10 years older and not thrilled the owner's son is his new boss. Also Rei is useless, he has no tact, tells customers they look horrible in that color and Jin goes completely wild but Rei is open to his suggestions and eventually they start hanging out as Rei shares his troubles and Jin offers advice. This story then intersects with the first one when he sees Haru again and finally admits he is in love. Rei is completely innocent though and has no clue how guys "do it" and figures hand jobs are going "all the way". ROFL Jin quickly shows him he error of his ways with some serious dub-con, but they get over it. Again, similar to the first one it was nice to see a plot although I think Rei has aspergers or something cause his people skills sucked rocks and he was completely oblivious to sex, had never been on a date with a man or a woman, but it was a cute little story. So two of the better manga I've read in a bit if you like some actual plot.


Chris said...

I squeed about the dedication, too! We're so easy. :)

Yes, I've finally pulled out some yaoi, too - we'll see if I can dig out and get it all in the mail!

Tam said...

Yeah well, we're famous now Chris. :-D

I don't have the yaoi spreadsheet address at home so I'll see who I send these off to next. I have another one waiting as well.

Anonymous said...

I've got the Hecht book on my list. I'll have to hurry to get to it so I can see your dedication. :)

Tam said...

It's definitely worth the read Eyre, and of course you can ooh and awww over the dedication. LOL

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

You ladies are too much!!!!
No wonder why we love you all so much!!!!
Hope you are having a great weekend!!!

Kris said...

You girls are definitely easy. Dedications or not. :P

I'm glad you liked those yaoi books, Tam. I bought them on Mary's rec. They were very good.

Tam said...

Thanks Cecile. It's a lazy weekend with periodic rain so a good day to stay inside and relax. Although I finally bought food. Yay me. :-)

Hey. Just a minute Kris. Oh wait, you're right, I am. :-P I had to call the kid over to see the dedication page which merited an eye roll. LOL

I did really enjoy the yaoi, having a longer story is not always that common.

Stephani Hecht said...

I am so glad you liked the book and the dedication.

I'm going to have to check out a yaoi book. Since I've never read one what would you recommend I start with?

Tam said...

Oh hell Stephani, I can see Kris rubbing her hands in glee as another victim, ummm, I mean convert shows up. :-) I think these ones are good as is Junjo Romantica. It's a longish series but it follows two stories, each books is half one and half the other. I really adored that series. Just remember to read back to front, in the shape of an S and you'll be fine. Otherwise it won't make a lick of sense. LOL

The Crimson Spell series is amazing as well if you like the fantasy swords and sorcery type stories.

Lily said...

I really liked both In Hot Pursuit and Lights and Sirens.

I got an eyeroll from hubby as well. Men, they just never understand the important things!! :D

Tam said...

Boys can be dumb Lily. But we have each other. :-)

Kris said...

"Oh hell Stephani, I can see Kris rubbing her hands in glee as another victim, ummm, I mean convert shows up. :-)"

*wonders if she is becoming too predictable*

Go the manscaping!

Tam said...

Well, it's better to be known for something than to never be known at all. Or something like that.

He is nicely trimmed. :-)

Tracy said...

The Hecht book sounds really good - I'll have to put that on my tbb.

Those manga sound interesting as well. Does the story run all the way through or are there other stories thrown in as well?

Tam said...

I think you'll enjoy Stephani's books.

Nope, one story all the way through. No random shorts thrown in. A nice change.