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Friday, September 25, 2009

It's nearly the end of Sept. Holy Cow!

Seems like it was a TA Chase week for me which was not a bad thing.

No Going Home by TA Chase

This is a reread for me. But I had to take the bus to work so gave me some reading time. I won't go into detail but I love Les and Randy.

Home of His Own by TA Chase (131 pages)

I finally bought this after reading the first one. This is Tony the bull riders story with lots of interaction with Les and Randy on the ranch. It's about a year later and Tony basically lives with the guys in between rodeos. While in Hawaii he meets Mac (Brody) for a one nighter and can't get him out of his head. His family convinces him to come back to Texas to convince his nephew that being gay is bad. Riiight. Ask the gay guy to do that. Anyway, his nephew brings home a beat up rent boy that Tony takes back to the ranch with him. Turns out the rent boy is Brody's little brother. They eventually get back together and try to work out a long distance romance with Brody following Tony around the rodeo circuit. Lots of details of how dangerous bull riding is. I know rodeo is dangerous, but I was totally squirmy when he described Cody being injured. Reminded me of my hometown rodeo last summer where in the bronc riding they opened the gate and the horse completely flipped over on top of the cowboy with legs in the air stuck in the gate. I was terrified not only the for the cowboy but the horse because it's leg was wedged in the fence. Amazingly they both walked away unhurt and the cowboy took another ride on a different horse. Freaky, exciting, adrenalin rush. With a child who is a total horse-nut and goes to western riding camp I think these books appeal to me. Also the whole "bringing home strays" works for me on lots of levels. There is a short included about V-Day with Randy and Les and the whole "family". So I love the world built in these books.

Twisted Rose by Amber Kell (57 pages)

Ian is an undercover cop who goes to pick up his drunk friend Keith at the BDSM club Twisted Rose. He meets the owner Daniel who makes a move but it's really not Ian's scene. A few weeks later seems that someone is torturing and murdering young men and dumping them outside the club. Seems Daniel is willing to have an undercover cop bodyguard as long as it's Ian. Ian will pose as his new live-in sub and he's okay with that since he thought Daniel was hot. Seems that he's a closet sub who just needed to try it. Daniel it seems fell in love with Ian the first night he met him (ARRRGGHHH Insta-love) as it always happens to people in his family. Riiiight. Anyway, he gets all possessive and doesn't want Ian basically doing his job which is being a cop. After a fight he leaves Ian who is attacked by the killer. It was okay but insta-love makes me nuts and I thought Ian jumped on the "sure I'll have sex to be undercover" bandwagon a little fast. Would a copy REALLY do that? I have my doubts.

Tabloid Star by TA Chase (138 pages)

Josh is a bartender who picks up hot guy Ry in his bar. They have some fun with blowjobs in the alley and go home together and that's it. Ooops, there is a pic of Josh kissing famous new actor Ryan. Ryan thinks Josh set him up although he doesn't want to believe it. Eventually Josh convinces him that it wasn't him as other pictures keep showing up. They work together to try and find out who is behind it while Ryan tries to decide if he's willing to step out of the closet and risk his career. There is also a substory of Josh's sister and son who he's supporting and trying to protect from the press invasion. There is a cameo by Garret and CJ from the other book who's name escapes me. I really enjoyed the story, not insta-love although they really liked each other and I liked that there wasn't excessive angst about being out in Hollywood. Yeah, he was concerned but didn't sit in the corner wailing about it and realized that maybe a relationship was worth more than fame. My god, someone with common sense in Hollywood, it must be fiction. :-)

Seeds of Time 1: Blue Roses by GS Wiley (33 pages)

Simon works as a theatre manager in a local theatre and his BF Adrian is an actor. Adrian proposes and wants to get married before he goes to London to take an acting job. Everything is hunky dory until opening night when a woman shows up and claims that Adrian's baby is about to be born and it's not going well. Oops. Seems Adrian had a little flingy with a girl. Needless to say Simon calls it off and when he's in the basement he falls and wakes up in 1948. He meets the local vicar and is sure he's dreaming but it seems real and seems James the vicar is also gay and attracted. Just when he kisses him he wakes up back in 2009. He tries to find the woman who made a love potion his sister gave him to find his "true love". This continues in books 2 and 3. It was okay, but really left you hanging.

Perfect 10 by Sean Michael (159 pages

Chis is a world class gymnast who broke his back on a bad vault. Brian is a former gymnast who now coaches at a private girls' school. He misses men's gymnastics and hears Chris is looking for a new coach after his dumped him. He convinces Chris to move out to California and try it despite his injuries. Of course they start sleeping together pretty quickly and things are going well until Chris' twin brother shows up and lets it slip that Chris could die if he has another accident. Oops. They work it out and Brian agrees to keep coaching him. There is an accident at a nightclub where Chris falls down some stairs and his parents freak out but he really wants to make it big. It basically ends just before his big comeback meet. I like these sporty books and while there is buckets of sex they have more story than some Sean Michael books. But I enjoyed the relationship between the two guys. So it was a good read for me but I still like the Personal Best stories better although since there were 3 of them they were more in-depth.

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