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Sunday, March 29, 2009

First Update for the Reading Challenge

I'm going back a day or so because I THOUGHT about joining the challenge, I just hadn't done it. :-)

This past week I read:

Lessons in Love and Lessons in Desire by Charlie Cochrane. They are both published by Linden Bay Romance.

This allows me to stroke off the "historical" category of the challenge. Its really the first full-length historicals I've read. It almost counted as first time for this author but I did read Blitz a short story by this author so it doesn't count. Guess I could use it for "first in a series" as well but I'll hold off and try not to use one book more than one category.

I give both stories a thumbs up .

They were certainly different for me not reading a lot (any?) of historicals. The language is quite different than a contemporary and they are certainly not as explicit as most m/m books (never got down to the real deal until half-way through the second book). I really enjoyed the mysteries, reminded me of Agatha Christie type settings (I LOVE Agatha Christie) and I loved the main characters Jonty and Orlando and sometimes I laughed out loud. The scene of them rolling down the hill while on holiday nearly killed me. I had tears in my eyes from laughing. So for someone looking for smoking hot m/m erotica, its not the right choice, but for characters and story and setting it was really great. I want to hang out with Jonty's mother. Definitely worth the time and money and pulling me out of my comfort zone. There is a third book coming too but not sure when which I'll be getting.

40 - 2 = 38 to go.

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Charlie Cochrane said...

I was googling my two boys (aren't I sad?) and followed the link here. Glad you liked Jonty's Mum - she's one of my favourites to write.

And that rolling down the hill nearly killed you? I based it on an experience I had and it nearly killed me. Never again!