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Monday, May 4, 2009

Update #8 Farther Behind

Now I know why I don't have a blog, I can't even keep up with this. I'm no longer counting books of less than 25 pages and have added a page count.

Okay, I'll try and cover what I've read lately.

Rover by Mel Spenser Published by Torquere (170 pages0

This is the story of two characters you meet in Miss Me. Sean and Patrick. Patrick's partner of 7 years died a year ago, Sean was a bad boy who got involed in drugs but is now on the staight and narrow and back in university at 26. Patrick has trouble letting go of the past and is content to coast even though he loves Sean he can't seem to commit fully. Sean tells him he won't be second fiddle, angst ensues, Sean's old boyfriend who got him into drugs keeps popping up, they eventually make-up and live HEA. I really enjoyed it as I like this author's style of writing and it was kind of fun to see how things interlinked with Miss Me with Nick and Andy popping in during the story.

Without Sin by J. Tomas Published by Prizm (155 pages)

A great YA book about two boys in a private Catholic school, one the new kid bad boy, one the more established senior. Excellent story.

Kindred Spirits by Jordan Castillo Price (14 pages)

A story about two guys who meet at a party and click with lots of talk about spirituality and souls and oral sex in a stairwell. A surprise ending which I won't give away but I didn't see it it coming.

Most Likely to Succeed by Shawn Lane Published by Amber Allure (130 pages)

Big shot gay lawyer starts up with young new lawyer. Big misunderstanding ensues, sadness, they get back together. HEA Not to sound flip, it was an enjoyable read, I'm just tired. My one complaint and not about this book but in general, is when the big misunderstanding occurs and the guy tries to explain they always say "hello" "please let me explain" "no" "but its not what you think" "no, good-bye" "please I just want to talk" "click". Ummm. Idiot. The conversation should go like this. "hello" "my stupid friend send my resume without my knowledge, I didn't know he did it." "umm, what" "he was an asshole who is trying to run my life, it wasn't me" "oh, alright. I love you." Was that so hard? You don't explain that you want to explain. Just blurt out the damn explanation before they have a chance to say no. Is that so hard or are you the TSTL chick who goes into the kitchen alone during the horror movie marathon? Sheesh. Don't these people read books? Rant done.

Many Happy Returns by Jordan Castillo Price (14 pages)

Crash returns for a quickie at the returns counter of Save-a-lot or wherever they shop. Typical slutty Crash getting some. I am so in love.

Massage with Happy Ending by Vic Winter Published by Torquere Press (12 pages)

Paul wins a free Thai massage in a raffle at the university. Enter massage therapist Twup, a great massage, a nice dinner date and a hot start to a romance. Sweet story, makes me want to try Thai massage.

Ride the Tiger by Misa Izanaki Published by Torquere Press (49 pages)

A kind of odd story about a world with real shapeshifters who never really turn completely human with tails, ears, etc. and humans who get body mods to look like hybrids. This is the story of Evan who is in an abusve relationship and escapes only to accidentally find his twin brother he was separated from at age 10 who works/lives at a strip joint of hybrides. Evan finds love with a weretiger bouncer. Sweet story about someone dealing with abuse and self-esteem issues. Seems to be a few stories about the characters at the strip joint as I saw there was another one with some of the same characters mentioned. Lots of Japanese names. It was okay.

Lemon Drops, (36 p.) Licorice Whips (52 p.) and Sweet Tarts (12 p.) by Sean Michael Published by Torquere

This is a continuation of the Cherry Sours short about Denny and Cain. They have a rather unusual relationship in that it is built around a shaving fetish. Denny shaving Cain. In the first book Cain is clueless and totally lacking in self confidence and Denny takes him under his wing and shows him the way of the blade. Second book Cain has no job and eventually ends up homeless but doesn't want to tell Denny, but has to and they end up living together. Licorice Whips Cain's comic book is now popular and he goes on a month-long book tour where he fends off his manager and Denny comes to his rescue. This time ALL the hair goes. Sweet Tarts was a NYE short that didn't really seem to fit in my opinion. He had a piercing there that he didn't have in the other books but he didn't have the ones he had in the others. Kind of odd. Now when I read the first book I thought "weirdness" but it kind of hooked me in and I had to read the others anyway even though I didn't really get it. It became more clear, what they got out of it and how it worked for them and even though Cain was "famous" now he still relied on Denny to lead him. Kid of a D/s relationship but I thought they were sweet together. So from "ewww, that's weird" to "I love these guys they are so cute". That's what Sean Michael does for me.

Gaydar by Kim Dare Published by Total-e-Bound (45 pages)

A story about a Dom bartender who gets tired of one of his customers total lack of luck with the guys in his bar (no gaydar so picks married/closeted/abusive guys) and decides to take him under his wing. It all happens in one night where the guys goes from down on his luck to going home collared with a master but it was hot and to be honest I really liked it, realistic or not. I'm good at suspension of belief.


Jenre said...

Great round up, Tam. I've got the Sean Michael shorts on my tbr pile. Must dig them out as they sound like great fun.

Also, I'm with you, Crash is just so deliciously slutty. I wait eagerly to see whether JCP is going to write a book where he gets his come-uppance.

Tam said...

Wow, someone found me? :-) Yeah, I'd snap up a Crash book in a minute.

Kim Dare said...

Hi Tam,

Sorry I didn't comment earlier - I just found your post.

I'm glad you liked Gaydar :)

You're right that Flynn moves pretty fast with Matt - faster than I'd approve of in real life. But once I let them get started there really was no holding them back, lol.

Thanks for the review,

Kim Dare.