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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Update #12

Heart Doctor by Drew Zachary (132 pages)

Well, I'll read most anything by Drew Zachary, partly because they are set in Canada and it gives me a patriotic thrill. LOL Story of a new cardiologist who falls for the cardiac unit head nurse who is half Indian half white so this could be considered IR I suppose. He cooks mostly Indian food and they talk about what he looks like a lot and some about his family. I liked the characters muchly, especially Drey who is totally "Rainbow Boy" at work as some of the other nurses call him. It was basically just a story about Brady getting past his "I don't date coworkers" rule which lasted about 15 min. And then the fear of them being found out as the hospital doesn't allow couples to work in the same units. But it was NOT angsty at all. I would like to have seen more intereaction with Drey's family or with Brady's. The only significant secondary character was Brady's neighbor Eve who he would gush about Drey to on his patio. She was cool I liked her and they were on her case to stop smoking. So I think it could have had more depth to the story but with likeable characters it was a fun read.

David's Dilema by Lynn Lorenz (235 pages

I really like Lynn's work and this was no exception. I felt for David having to deal with his father's Alzheimers and the guilt that goes with that. I liked how the men became friends first although (this seems to be becoming a theme with me and maybe I'm getting old?) it seemed to move pretty fast. I mean they were calling each other baby and honey after the first phone call. Okay, I guess when it click it clicks. LOL I could see the big climax coming or a variation of it but that was okay. Overall though I really enjoyed it, good characters, it made me feel for their situation.

Facets 2: Polishing by Rob Knight (35 pages)

This is a continuation of Facts 1. Surprise. This was kind of more of the same. Paul is still showing up at the apartment for hot sex with Six and Jules, I think in this one he finally got to be on the receiving end if you know what I mean. There didn't seem to be much development, just sort of more random sex although Paul got kind of pissed one day because he had a day off work and Six and Jules slept all day so he was stuck sitting around with nothing to do. They claimed they got off work at 6:30 in the morning but wanted to sleep until 9:00 at night. Ummm. Do you really need to sleep for 15 hours? Holy shit. Although Six was on various drugs so maybe that helped. LOL But it wasn't much of a progression from book one. They fought, they made up, they fucked like bunnies.

Facets 3: Setting by Rob Knight (35 pages)

Six and Jules have been evicted because they forgot to pay the rent. They have money they just forget stuff like that. Paul is living in a boarding house until he decides where to get an apartment but he's got a suit and tie job now. They decide to move in together and get a nice loft place with the yuppies. Paul says if they give him money he'll keep track of paying all the bills (which I imagine would get old really fast when the novelty of triad sex wears off). The only thing I didn't get was Six comes home totally freaked because he had to go to a clinic for blood tests (for work, I guess tattoo artists do that periodically) and tries to burn his clothes in the bathroom sink and is rambling about "bees in his head". They never really explain it, Jules just walks him through it in the shower and they have sex and its all better. The end. Umm. Okay. What the hell was that? Definitely a HFN ending but in real life I'd give Paul 8-12 months till he gets fed up and leaves. LOL

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